11 podcasts recorded in the city of Chicago

11 podcasts recorded in the city of Chicago

CHICAGO, IL - The dynamic cityscape of Chicago, with its robust history, political engagement, and a melting pot of cultures, naturally extends into the realm of podcasts. Chicago's vocal cords stretch across various domains, encapsulating the essence of the city in audial narratives. From politics to architectural explorations, the podcasts originating from the heart of Illinois offer a plethora of discussions for the discerning listener.

  1. Sound Opinions: This weekly podcast, helmed by rock critics Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot, delves into the world of rock and roll with new music reviews, exclusive interviews, and discussions on landmark albums, bringing a unique Chicago flavor to the global rock discourse​.

  2. City Cast Chicago: A morning staple, this podcast hosted by Jacoby Cochran, discusses the city’s most talked-about issues, fostering a rich dialogue among Chicago's residents and creating a bridge of understanding with the outside world​.

  3. Chicago's Morning Answer: Covering a wide spectrum of topics from politics to culture, this morning radio program hosted by Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson, ensures Chicagoans are well-informed and engaged as they step into a new day​.

  4. The Girl Talk: A monthly show recorded live at The Hideout, hosts Jen Sabella and Erika Wozniak delve into issues facing Chicago and Illinois, featuring conversations with influential Chicago women, thus adding feminine perspectives to the city's vocal narrative​.

  5. A Lot You Got to Holler: Architectural aficionados Ben Schulman and Zach Mortice navigate through Chicago's architectural legacy, discussing everything from the city's cinematic history to its housing projects, encapsulating the city’s built environment in engaging dialogues​.

  6. The Axe Files: Political analyst David Axelrod engages with political leaders to unpack the complex world of politics, providing a nuanced understanding of the political landscape, not just in Chicago, but on a national scale​.

  7. John Howell Podcast: Anchored by John Howell, this podcast traverses topics like politics and sports, weaving a narrative that resonates with both Chicago’s local milieu and broader societal themes​.

  8. WBEZ Chicago Podcasts: Kicking off 2023 with a wide-ranging podcast lineup, WBEZ Chicago introduces new voices and covers a spectrum of topics, offering a fresh auditory experience for its listeners​.

  9. Chicago Podcasts by The University of Chicago: Curated by Akwe McDaniels, this collection explores the diverse communities of Chicago, ranging from vignettes about local neighborhoods to explorations of urban issues, encapsulating the city’s social fabric​.

  10. The Third Coast Podcast: Derived from the Re:sound radio show on WBEZ, this podcast gathers music and stories in a format reminiscent of This American Life, showcasing the creative and storytelling prowess of Chicagoans.

  11. Chicago Writes: A monthly rendezvous for literature enthusiasts, hosted by Bill Turck, this podcast delves into the art, craft, and business of writing, featuring candid conversations with published authors, and thus fostering a community of literary engagement in Chicago​.

Each podcast, with its unique narrative and thematic focus, contributes to Chicago’s robust discourse, reflecting the multifaceted nature of the Windy City. Through these auditory lenses, listeners, whether locals or global aficionados of the city, can explore Chicago's thought spectrum in depth, gaining a comprehensive understanding of what makes the city tick.

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