13th Floor Haunted House Chicago returns for a 10th season

13th Floor Haunted House Chicago returns for a 10th season

CHICAGO, IL - This Halloween, Chicagoans are in for an eerie treat as the renowned Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group is back with spine-chilling surprises. Holding the esteemed title of the world's largest Halloween-themed entertainment company, they present their premier haunted events that are sure to leave thrill-seekers trembling in delight.

Set to launch its 10th season, the 13th Floor Haunted House Chicago is pulling all the stops. "We will be introducing two new attractions brimming with horrifyingly innovative new scares and jaw-dropping sets," remarked Bryan Kopp, 13th Floor Chicago's General Manager. Celebrating a decade of screams and scares, this attraction stands out for its exceptional production quality, interactive horror experiences, and captivating storytelling. This year's themes, The Deadlands and Infestation, promise to add fresh nightmares to the mix. Apart from the main event, the side attractions include an insightful 'Behind The Screams' tour, the pulse-quickening 'Blackout' event, and several mini escape games that challenge attendees' wit and nerve. If the scares prove too much, guests can relax at the local tiki bar, Hala Kahiki, or savor the delectable offerings from the on-site food trucks.

For those drawn to places with an ominous past, the Old Joliet Haunted Prison, set within the confines of the famed Joliet Correctional Center, will satiate your hunger for haunted histories. Established in 1896, this erstwhile correctional facility turned haunted house is a treasure trove of spine-tingling tales. "The Old Joliet prison was an ominous, awe-inspiring historical landmark long before it became one of the nation's greatest haunted house events," Kopp noted. This year, participants can engage in mini escape games and also take a breather at The Neon Cowboy Secret Bar. The themes, including Cellblock 13, The Rot Shop, and the electrifying Zombie Laser Tag, promise an experience like no other.

Both venues have prioritized ensuring that guests can relax and refuel. While the 13th Floor Haunted House offers treats from food trucks and the Hala Kahiki tiki bar, those visiting the Old Joliet Haunted Prison can relish offerings from The Commissary bar and on-site food trucks.

Fans of haunted experiences, take note! Joining the Fright Club can get you members-only perks like exclusive presale access, discounts, rewards, and more. Those looking to be part of this exclusive club can register on the official websites.

In a city steeped in history and lore, these events offer an enticing mix of history, horror, and unparalleled entertainment. Gear up, Chicago, as two of the most thrilling haunted experiences await you this Halloween season.

For additional details and to get a sneak peek, interested folks can view trailers on their official websites and follow both attractions on Instagram. Whether you're drawn to the immersive storytelling of the 13th Floor Haunted House or the chilling atmosphere of the Old Joliet Haunted Prison, Chicagoland's haunted offerings promise an unforgettable experience.
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