25 Chicago LGBTQ-owned small businesses to shop on Small Business Saturday

25 Chicago LGBTQ-owned small businesses to shop on Small Business Saturday

As Small Business Saturday approaches, it's an opportune time to celebrate and support the diversity and creativity of Chicago's LGBTQ+ community. The city's queer-owned businesses offer a kaleidoscope of unique experiences, products, and flavors, embodying the vibrant spirit of Chicago. From cozy bakeries to chic boutiques and innovative online markets, these enterprises not only enrich the local economy but also foster a sense of inclusive community. In this guide, we spotlight 10 LGBTQ+ owned small businesses in Chicago, each offering a distinctive experience that promises to make your shopping both meaningful and enjoyable.

  1. Chicago Sugar Daddy: A Lakeview sweets shop offering an array of cakes, brownies, truffles, and breads​.
  2. Rattleback Records: An Andersonville music store, Rattleback Records offers a variety of new and used vinyl, CDs, cassettes, movies, and more, catering to diverse musical tastes.
  3. Get in the Kitchen: Known as the "party school of cooking classes," this establishment offers fun and interactive cooking lessons, including unique themes like Kooking & Karaokie and Cooking & Drag Queens​.
  4. Jennivee’s Bakery: A Filipino-owned bakery in Lakeview known for its delightful pastries and cakes​.
  5. Andersonville Galleria: A local favorite for art lovers, offering a wide range of works from various artists, perfect for those looking for unique artistic pieces​.
  6. Radical Joy Bakery: Specializing in botanical cakes and pastries, this pastry studio adds an artistic touch to baking​.
  7. Vase & Vessel: This store quickly became a go-to destination for plant lovers and gift givers, offering a wide selection of vases, pots, planters, and other decorative accents​.
  8. Sfera: A restaurant in Edgewater offering Sicilian street food, perfect for a unique breakfast or lunch experience​.
  9. Edgewater Candles: A retail storefront in Edgewater that also offers classes, offering artisanal candles in a variety of shapes and colors​​.
  10. Barks N’ Rec: An LGBTQ-owned pet store in Chicago focused on pet education and healthy food options​.
  11. Brown Elephant Thrift Store: A resale shop by Howard Brown Health offering clothing, home decor, and vintage items​.
  12. Petty Butter: Offers handcrafted skincare products, all-natural and crafted with a focus on uplifting the Black LGBTQ community​.
  13. Rebirth Garments: This local fashion company creates gender non-conforming clothing and accessories for people of all genders, sizes, and abilities​.
  14. Soundoff: An Edgewater-based streetwear brand offering T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and other accessories​.
  15. SPACE 519: A boutique offering women’s ready-to-wear, home decor, all-natural beauty products, and accessories​.
  16. Unabridged Bookstore: A long-standing bookstore with a variety of books, including children’s literature and LGBTQ-related titles​.
  17. Leather64Ten: This unique store is a destination for leather fetish clothing, custom leather outfits, sex toys, and other related gear​.
  18. Foursided: A unique shop offering a variety of one-of-a-kind greeting cards, custom framing, and unique holiday gifts and artistic treasures​.
  19. Full Kit Gear: A full-service shop specializing in leather, rubber, and sportswear, catering to a diverse range of tastes and preferences.
  20. Paper & Pencil: This shop sells a variety of stationery items from women-owned and LGBTQ+ brands, perfect for those who appreciate the art of writing and creative expression​.
  21. E3 Radio: An online radio station that specializes in queer and independent music, offering a platform for diverse musical expressions and artists​.
  22. Gerber/Hart Library and Archives: The largest circulating library of gay and lesbian titles in the Midwest, also offering a queer history podcast drawing from its extensive collection​.
  23. Leather Archives & Museum: A museum and archive dedicated to collecting items related to leather, fetishism, sadomasochism, and other alternative sexual practices, providing a rich cultural and historical resource.
  24. Pride Arts Center: A hub for queer theater, film, visual arts, and community projects, fostering a vibrant space for artistic expression and cultural dialogue within the LGBTQ+ community​.
  25. LGBT Chamber of Commerce of Illinois: Established in 1995, this Chamber of Commerce serves the needs of the LGBTQ+ business community and could be a helpful resource for finding LGBTQ-owned businesses through their directory search​.

This curated selection of queer-owned businesses in Chicago is more than just a shopping list; it's a journey through the heart of the city's LGBTQ+ community. By choosing to shop at these establishments on Small Business Saturday, you're not only acquiring unique products and experiences but also contributing to the sustainability and growth of these vibrant local businesses. Each purchase is a celebration of diversity, inclusivity, and the entrepreneurial spirit that makes Chicago truly special. So, this Small Business Saturday, embrace the opportunity to explore, indulge, and connect with the city's rich LGBTQ+ culture.

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