5 independent coffee shops in Des Moines, IA

5 independent coffee shops in Des Moines, IA

Des Moines, the vibrant capital city of Iowa, boasts a rich cultural scene and a growing coffee culture. This city, renowned for its historical landmarks and bustling farmers' markets, is also home to an array of independent coffee shops that offer a unique blend of flavors and atmospheres. For coffee enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike, Des Moines provides an opportunity to explore a diverse range of locally-owned coffee havens. Let's embark on a journey through some of the must-visit independent coffee shops in Des Moines:

1. Grounds For Celebration: Located in the Beaverdale neighborhood, Grounds For Celebration has been serving the Des Moines community for years. With a focus on organic and fair-trade beans, this coffee shop is committed to providing a sustainable and high-quality experience for its patrons. Their array of pastries, baked fresh daily, pairs perfectly with their diverse coffee menu.

2. Horizon Line Coffee: Situated in the West End Architectural Salvage building, Horizon Line Coffee is a minimalist's dream. The modern and airy space, complemented by its dedication to serving quality brews, makes it a favorite among coffee connoisseurs. Their emphasis on single-origin beans ensures that each cup offers a distinct taste, reflecting the bean's origin.

3. Mars Coffee: With a nod to outer space in its name and decor, Mars Coffee transports its visitors to another world. Located near Drake University, this coffee shop is often bustling with students and professionals alike. Known for their quirky latte flavors like the "Galaxy," a blend of lavender and vanilla, Mars Coffee promises a unique coffee experience.

4. Ritual Café: A haven for vegans and vegetarians, Ritual Café not only offers ethically sourced coffee but also a range of plant-based food options. The artsy interiors, adorned with local artwork, provide a warm and inviting atmosphere. The shop frequently hosts live music events, making it a hub for the local arts community.

5. Smokey Row Coffee Co.: A blend of vintage charm and modern flair, Smokey Row Coffee Co. is a bustling spot located near the historic Sherman Hill neighborhood. Their extensive menu, featuring everything from classic espressos to indulgent frappes, ensures there's something for everyone. The shop's lively atmosphere, often accentuated by live performances, makes it a popular choice for both daytime and evening visits.

Des Moines' independent coffee scene is a testament to the city's evolving cultural landscape. These coffee shops, each with its unique character and offerings, represent the passion and dedication of local entrepreneurs. They provide residents and visitors with spaces to connect, relax, and savor high-quality brews. So, the next time you find yourself in Des Moines, make sure to venture beyond the usual chains and immerse yourself in the rich coffee culture that these independent shops offer.

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