5 small towns to visit in Ohio on a weekend road trip

5 small towns to visit in Ohio on a weekend road trip

Exploring Ohio's small towns offers a slice of Midwestern charm, a dash of history, and a wealth of local culture. For weekend wanderers looking to escape the hustle and bustle, these five towns are a must-visit.

First on the list is Yellow Springs, known for its bohemian vibe and colorful downtown area. Established by 19th-century utopians, the town is rich in history and has become a hub for artists, scholars, and nature enthusiasts. The nearby Glen Helen Nature Preserve offers beautiful hiking trails and waterfalls, providing a perfect setting for an outdoor adventure.

Next is Granville, which will make you feel as if you've stepped back in time with its New England-style architecture. Home to Denison University, the town has a youthful energy, offering a variety of cafes, boutiques, and cultural events. Don't forget to visit the Alligator Mound, a Native American effigy mound, which adds an educational twist to your trip.

Oberlin is another town that charms with its history and progressive spirit. Oberlin College, one of the first colleges to admit women and African Americans, is located here. The Oberlin Heritage Center provides a deeper dive into the town's history, and the surrounding parks and trails offer ample opportunities for biking and hiking.

Nestled in Ohio’s Amish country, Sugarcreek is often dubbed "The Little Switzerland of Ohio." The town is a hub for Amish culture and Swiss heritage, offering unique experiences like Amish buggy rides and cheese tasting tours. With a blend of Swiss architecture and Amish lifestyle, Sugarcreek is unlike any other place in Ohio.

Finally, there’s Chagrin Falls, named after its picturesque waterfall located right in the middle of its downtown. The town offers scenic beauty and a range of activities from shopping for antiques to dining in cozy restaurants. The annual Blossom Time Festival, held in spring, is a local tradition that shouldn’t be missed.

These towns each offer their own unique allure, making them ideal stops for anyone looking to explore the hidden gems of Ohio. Whether it's the artsy allure of Yellow Springs, the historical richness of Granville, the progressive spirit of Oberlin, the cultural blend of Sugarcreek, or the natural beauty of Chagrin Falls, there's something for everyone. So pack your bags, hit the road, and let Ohio's small towns enchant you.

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