7 independent coffee shops in Indianapolis, IN

7 independent coffee shops in Indianapolis, IN

In the heart of Indiana, Indianapolis buzzes with a distinctive coffee culture, embodied by numerous independent coffee shops scattered across the city. These haven spots, nestled in various neighborhoods, extend beyond serving a cup of coffee. They are community hubs, fostering connections over the invigorating aroma of freshly roasted beans. This article explores a handful of these cherished local establishments, each contributing to Indy’s vibrant coffee scene in its unique way.

  1. Commissary Barber and Barista: Located in the Lockerbie Square part of Indianapolis, Commissary Barber and Barista is where grooming meets caffeine. It’s not just a coffee shop; it’s a place where patrons can enjoy a cup of splendid coffee while getting a trim. This blend of services creates a unique ambiance, making it a standout spot in the city​.

  2. Hubbard & Cravens Coffee and Tea: A seasoned member of the Indianapolis coffee community, Hubbard & Cravens has been sourcing and roasting high-quality coffee since 1991. Situated on 11 S Meridian St, this specialty coffee roaster has a rich history intertwined with its flavorful offerings, epitomizing the passionate coffee culture of Indianapolis​.

  3. Bee Coffee Roasters: With locations in Downtown and Eagle Creek, Bee Coffee Roasters is owned by Bj Davis and Andy Gilman, who take pride in roasting some of the city’s finest coffee. The place not only serves but also sells its meticulously roasted coffee, engaging locals in the authentic coffee experience​.

  4. Landlocked Baking Company: This Irvington coffee shop is a treasure trove for pastry enthusiasts. Landlocked Baking Company caters to the patrons of Coat Check Coffee, Provider, Chalet, and Strangebird, offering an array of baked goods including vegan options to go along with a perfect cup of coffee.

  5. Rabble Coffee: Nestled in Irvington and Near Eastside, Rabble Coffee is a cozy spot known for its food, pastries, and conducive working space. It’s a place where the community converges to enjoy quality coffee and light conversations​.

  6. Tinker Coffee: With locations in Downtown and Riverside, Tinker Coffee is a modern-day coffee haven. Whether you are looking to work remotely or catch up with friends, the cafe offers a warm and inviting atmosphere along with a delightful array of pastries to complement your coffee​​.

  7. Top Out Café: Situated in Downtown, Top Out Café is not just your typical coffee shop. It’s a place where coffee, food, and a love for dogs come together. With its late opening hours and dog-friendly environment, it’s a place where night owls and pet lovers find solace​​.

The independent coffee shops in Indianapolis are more than just places to grab a caffeine fix. They are community-centric havens where one can relish in the unique flavors of freshly brewed coffee while engaging in the simple joys of life. Each establishment, with its distinct personality and offerings, contributes to the rich tapestry of Indy’s coffee culture, making the city a cherished destination for coffee aficionados.

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