A sustainable future in Cleveland at RISE Energy Summit 2023

A sustainable future in Cleveland at RISE Energy Summit 2023

CLEVELAND, OH - Growth Opps has officially announced the RISE Energy Summit 2023, scheduled for August 22nd, 2023, in downtown Cleveland. The summit aims to facilitate collaboration among businesses, communities, and governments to invest in a shared future focused on clean energy solutions and sustainability. The event holds particular significance as it centers around the historic $369 billion Inflation Reduction Act, which presents a unique opportunity to address climate change while promoting health, prosperity, and equity in neighborhoods.

Presented by Growth Opps and the GO Green Energy Fund, RISE Energy Summit 2023 holds distinction as the first African American-led Green Bank in the United States and the inaugural Green Bank in the state of Ohio. Rooted in the core principles of Resilience, Innovation, Sustainability, and Equity, the summit will feature plenaries, panels, and interactive breakout sessions to explore opportunities for sustainable energy investments and the reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions.

A crucial aspect of RISE 2023 is the focus on mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, particularly in low-income and disadvantaged communities. Michael Jeans, CEO of Growth Opps, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, emphasizing its potential to unite national leaders, corporations, communities, and households in their efforts to combat greenhouse gas emissions. He believes the summit will also play a pivotal role in mobilizing financing and private capital to support sustainable projects. Ohio's current ranking as the 3rd worst state emitter of greenhouse gases in the U.S. and 27th in the world adds urgency to this endeavor.

Ndeda N. Letson, Chairwoman of the Board of Growth Opps, underscored the significance of the Inflation Reduction Act and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund, citing the unique opportunity they present to invest in robust renewables infrastructure. She emphasized the alignment of the event with Growth Opps' commitment to fostering sustainable and prosperous communities, while ensuring a fair and just energy transition.

Growth Opps, a key driving force behind the summit, specializes in providing community development capital, services, and solutions to growing small businesses, primarily in underserved and disadvantaged communities in Ohio. The organization's GO Green Energy Fund, the country's first African American-led Green Bank and the Green Bank for the State of Ohio, plays a pivotal role in deploying mission-driven capital to support small to large-scale commercial, community, and industrial solar project development within the state.

Citizens Financial Group, Inc., one of the nation's oldest and largest financial institutions with $222.3 billion in assets as of March 31, 2023, has also pledged its support to the summit. The institution's involvement emphasizes the significance of private sector participation in sustainable energy initiatives.

This event is expected to serve as a critical platform for vital discussions on sustainable energy investments, greenhouse gas reduction, and community empowerment. With the backing of Growth Opps and the GO Green Energy Fund, the summit is poised to accelerate progress towards a greener future not only for Ohio but also on a broader scale.

Michael Jeans aptly stated, "It's time we build resilient 22nd-century cities and economies where all who so choose can participate and thrive." The RISE Energy Summit 2023 represents a pivotal milestone in the ongoing journey towards a cleaner, more equitable world.

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