All Energy Solar brings solar to thousands

All Energy Solar brings solar to thousands

ST PAUL, MN - All Energy Solar, a stalwart in the renewable energy sector, has been illuminating residential and commercial properties with solar energy solutions for over 14 years. The Minnesota-based company, reputed as one of the top solar installers in the nation, has impressively sold over 9,000 solar projects and completed 7,500 solar installations to date. This sustained commitment to their work underscores the organization's fervent dedication to renewable energy.

The company's reach extends far beyond its home state, serving clients across six states - Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin. Additionally, they cater to commercial solar customers on both a national and international scale. To achieve this degree of expansion and quantity of projects, it requires a robust organizational framework. Brian Allen, All Energy Solar President and Co-Founder, attributes this success to the company's devoted workforce. "Our success comes from our employees who are dedicated to continuous improvement at our company... When we have a team that feels confident in their knowledge and what services they're providing to customers, we all win," he stated.

All Energy Solar's ethos revolves around optimizing customer satisfaction. The organization treats every project as a unique learning opportunity, striving to further enhance the customer's journey with every new undertaking.

The rapidly evolving landscape of solar energy demands an equally dynamic business approach. Founded in 2009, All Energy Solar has skillfully maneuvered these swift currents, adding supplementary services such as battery storage systems, EV charging stations, and residential roofing services. These augmentations keep them in step with the advancements in technology and the growing acceptance of solar as a reliable energy source.

However, staying at the forefront of solar and electrical equipment is only half the battle. Michael Allen, CEO and Co-Founder, emphasized the importance of being aware of the state and federal policies impacting renewable energy. He said, "We regularly advocate at the state level to make solar more affordable and accessible... Knowing the rebates and incentives that are available for each situation is vital for ensuring each person gets the best solar solution and experience possible."

While the renewable energy industry has witnessed many upstart companies make fleeting appearances, All Energy Solar has consistently outshone its competition. In response to this, Michael reassured, "While we are a solar company at heart, we have diligently focused on diversifying our business to allow us to weather most any storm in multiple markets." His optimism for the future is palpable, as he looks forward to "continuing our growth trajectory and providing the best in class service to another 9,000 customers in the years ahead."

In summary, All Energy Solar is not just a solar installation company, but a beacon of renewable energy advocacy. With its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, technological advancement, and policy awareness, it's clear that this solar giant will continue to shine brightly in the years to come.

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