All Energy Solar extends brewery event series into fall

All Energy Solar extends brewery event series into fall

ST. PAUL, MN – As summer transitions to fall, All Energy Solar is gearing up to keep the warmth alive, merging Minnesotans' passion for sun-soaked brews and sustainable energy. Their popular Suds and Solar series is set to see a flurry of activity across the Twin Cities this autumn, with at least five more sessions on the horizon.

The unique blend of beer and solar panels was reintroduced earlier this year. Given its resounding success, the solar company is eager to keep the momentum going. "Our spring and summer Suds and Solar were a big hit, and we want to keep it going," remarked Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Ryan Buege. "These sessions offer a relaxed environment for those interested in solar energy but haven't yet delved deeper into its intricacies."

Contrary to what one might expect, these aren’t just conventional presentations. The events, structured as open houses, provide attendees with foundational knowledge about the transition to solar energy.

Buege emphasized the company's approach, saying, "We never want to be pushy about selling solar. Suds and Solar fosters open conversation, allows attendees to come and go, and, we hope, inspires them to consider a personalized assessment of their energy requirements." Attendees who engage in conversation are also treated to a complimentary beverage, making the prospect all the more appealing.

All Energy Solar isn't just about installations; it's about community. With over 14 years in business, they've championed solar policy in Minnesota and remain an active pillar in the Twin Cities community. Buege stated, "Being rooted in the communities we serve is crucial. We want locals to recognize our lasting commitment."

The fact that many employees are also residents of the greater metro area reinforces the company's local connection. "We're not just any company; we're your neighbors, too, and no one knows better about assisting Minnesotans with their solar needs," said Buege.

Mark your calendars, Minnesotans! The Autumn Suds and Solar series kickstarts on September 5th, Tuesday, post-Labor Day, at Utepils Brewing in Minneapolis from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. Ensuing events are slated throughout November at a variety of breweries, including Falling Knife Brewing, 56 Brewing, Burning Brother Brewing, and OMNI Brewing.

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