Bars to try on a night out in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Bars to try on a night out in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Green Bay, Wisconsin, renowned for its sports enthusiasm, is also a vibrant hub for nighttime revelry. With over 30 bars and nightlife venues, the city provides a lively scene as the sun sets, offering a variety of atmospheres to match any mood​1​. From rustic pubs to chic modern bars, there's a place for everyone. This essay explores some of the bars you might want to consider on a night out in Green Bay.

  1. Ned Kelly’s Pub: Nestled at 223 N Washington St, Ned Kelly’s Pub is notable for its vast selection of 100 beers on tap daily. The pub, with its proximity to The CityDeck and views of the Fox River, offers a membership for a nominal fee granting exclusive access to specials and low-priced drinks​.

  2. Titletown Brewing Company: Situated near Leicht Memorial Park at 320 N Broadway, this brewery, restaurant and bar provides an array of beer varieties including pale ale, red ale, pilsner, and blonde ale, with the opportunity to take home any favorites​.

  3. The Bottle Room: A short drive from the city center, The Bottle Room at 2300 Lineville Rd Suite 101 offers a relaxed ambiance perfect for unwinding with friends over the weekend. With an extensive list of wines along with bottled and tap beer, it’s a cozy retreat​.

  4. RumRunners: Located at 715 S Broadway, RumRunners is a prohibition-era bar popular among both locals and tourists. With its strategic location near restaurants and shopping areas, it provides a lively setting for a casual night out​.

  5. Stadium View Bar, Restaurant & Banquet Hall: For football enthusiasts, a visit to the Stadium View Bar at 1963 Holmgren Way is almost a rite of passage. Situated a stone's throw from Lambeau Stadium, it’s the ideal spot to celebrate a win with friends over local or national drink favorites​.

  6. Keggers - Corner Bar: A traditional corner bar atmosphere can be enjoyed at Keggers, providing a homely setting for a night out with friends​.

  7. The Sardine Can: With its inviting ambiance, live music, and a wide selection of drinks, The Sardine Can is a must-visit for anyone looking to have a fun night in the city​.

Green Bay's lively bar scene is a reflection of its energetic and vibrant culture. The city offers a plethora of options to ensure a memorable night out, whether you're a local or a visitor. From the traditional ambiance of Keggers to the modern vibe of The Libertine, there's a spot for every preference. As you venture out to explore the nightlife, each bar in Green Bay offers a unique taste of the city’s welcoming and cheerful spirit, promising not only a good drink but a good time.

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