Caravel Autism Health celebrates opening of new clinic in Holmen, Wisconsin

Caravel Autism Health celebrates opening of new clinic in Holmen, Wisconsin

HOLMEN, WI - Caravel Autism Health, a national leader in autism diagnosis and treatment, held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on July 19 to inaugurate its newest clinic located at 3936 Circle Drive in Holmen, Wisconsin. The new facility expands the company's footprint to serve families across the La Crosse area, offering a full spectrum of services designed for young children on the autism spectrum.

The clinic will focus on providing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, a method that employs positive reinforcement to enhance an array of skills in children with autism, including communication and social abilities. Known for its efficacy, ABA therapy is recommended by leading healthcare institutions like the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

"Our mission at Caravel is to change lives," said Mike Miller, CEO of Caravel Autism Health. "We strive to ensure early access to therapy for children on the autism spectrum, which is crucial for their development. The lack of ABA specialists in many communities is an issue we aim to address by bringing more resources and hope to families affected by autism."

The new clinic boasts sensory-friendly, vibrant spaces where children can work closely with therapists. Here, they build skills, foster confidence, and learn to engage with their surroundings. Alongside ABA therapy, Caravel offers diagnostic evaluations, family support, and counseling.

Caravel has deep roots in Wisconsin. Since its founders opened the first clinic in Green Bay in 2009, the company has become a beacon of expertise in using ABA therapy to guide families through the complexities of childhood autism.

Stephany Stordahl, MS, BCBA, Caravel's clinic director for the La Crosse area, highlighted the impact of the new clinic: "This expansion enables us to bring our high-quality ABA services to the La Crosse community. It provides the essential resources for children to unlock their greatest potential."

Parents of young children and others interested in learning more about autism diagnosis and ABA therapy are welcome to reach out to the Caravel Autism Health team at 608-470-6434 or visit their website at

About Caravel Autism Health: Since its inception in 2009, Caravel Autism Health has been devoted to helping families navigate the challenges of autism. Its team of clinical experts specializes in evaluation, diagnosis, and therapy for young children on the autism spectrum. Caravel's research-based, data-driven programs aim to provide better outcomes and help children with autism reshape their development and learn new ways to interact with the world.

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