Carhartt launches new veteran up-skilling program

Carhartt launches new veteran up-skilling program

DEARBORN, MI - Amid a rising demand for skilled workers in the U.S., set to grow 10% by 2028, Carhartt has taken a commendable step forward with its "For the Love of Labor" program. This initiative, conceived against the backdrop of emerging technology, evolving infrastructures, and annual climate disasters worth $18 billion, aims to fortify the American labor landscape.

Come Labor Day, Carhartt pledges to donate all sales from its online platforms to nonprofits dedicated to skilled trades. This year, the spotlight is on the veteran-led Team Rubicon and its innovative TRades Academy. By equipping military veterans with licensed contracting skills, from carpentry to HVAC, the program aims to bridge the skilled labor gap and rejuvenate disaster-hit communities.

Todd Corley, Carhartt's senior vice president, emphasizes that the task of rebuilding America calls for both hard work and 'heart' work. In tandem with Team Rubicon, with its robust volunteer force of 150,000, Carhartt seeks to ensure veterans find renewed purpose in rebuilding homes and lives.

Since the launch of the For the Love of Labor program in 2022, Carhartt's commitment has been undeniable. Having awarded 16 grants to deserving U.S.-based organizations, Carhartt is not just investing in skills, but in the very fabric of resilient American communities. As the country navigates challenges, Carhartt's initiative is a testament to the enduring strength and potential of its workforce.

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