Cincinnati Bengals take sustainability to next level with PureCycle's innovative PureZero™ Program

Cincinnati Bengals take sustainability to next level with PureCycle's innovative PureZero™ Program

Cincinnati, OH – PureCycle Technologies, Inc. and the Cincinnati Bengals are teaming up to divert more than 150,000 pieces of plastic waste from being landfilled or flowing into our waterways during this season's home games. The Bengals are the third professional football team to implement PureCycle's PureZero ™ program, a first-of-its-kind plastic waste program geared toward stadiums and entertainment venues.

Dustin Olson, CEO, PureCycle, said, "We are thrilled to work alongside the Cincinnati Bengals to help stop plastic waste from entering the local environment throughout the year. PureZero™ is a game-changing program that can help sports teams, entertainment venues, retail, and even major office employers level up their sustainability goals. The partnership will also engage fans in a variety of ways to reduce their own plastic waste footprint. Our goal is to not only recycle your gameday plastic waste, but to engage communities on the importance of sustainability. We look forward to achieving this goal with the Bengals."

No. 5 plastic (polypropylene) is a common plastic found at stadiums across America and it mostly goes unrecycled, because polypropylene is difficult and costly to recycle. Through an innovative processing technology, developed by Cincinnati-based Procter & Gamble, PureCycle removes impurities from items such as souvenir stadium cups and food containers to create an ultra-pure recycled (UPR) plastic. That plastic can then be recycled over and over again.

Brian Sells, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Cincinnati Bengals, said, "We are proud to work with PureCycle on the PureZero program to help reduce plastic waste pollution and keep our region beautiful. With their purification facility located in Ohio, we can help them tackle the plastic waste issues within our own backyard."

PureCycle's partnership with the Bengals includes a multi-step approach to reducing the amount of plastic waste generated at the team's 10 home games. PureCycle will also help stock concessions with No. 5 plastic products to create a truly circular recycling system and implement an innovative sustainability plan for the team.

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