'Club Mar' at Mariano's: home of Lakeview casual nightlife

'Club Mar' at Mariano's: home of Lakeview casual nightlife

Lakeview's Mariano's, located at 3030 N Broadway, is indeed a unique destination that brings a casual club ambiance to a grocery store setting. This establishment breaks the mold of a traditional grocery store by incorporating a wine bar, creating a social hub known as Club Mar. Every Friday night, Mariano's transforms as live bands fill the atmosphere with Rockin’ Happy Hour Entertainment from 4-8pm, where visitors can enjoy a blend of jazz, blues, and more​.

The bar within Mariano's offers a selection of wines with options like J Pinot Gris, Simi Chardonnay, and Justin Sauvignon Blanc among others, providing a casual yet sophisticated backdrop for those looking to unwind​. Mariano’s on Broadway isn't just about grocery shopping; it's about experiencing food and drinks in a new light. Whether it's the live music, the wine bar, or simply the camaraderie amongst patrons, this place has become a cherished locale for casual hangouts.

The grocery store's innovative approach towards blending retail with entertainment has turned shopping into a more social and enjoyable experience. It's not just the locals who are in on the secret. The word has spread, making Club Mar a must-visit spot for both residents and visitors looking to experience Chicago's casual club scene in an unconventional setting.

So the next time you find yourself in Lakeview, don't just pass by the Mariano's on Broadway. Step in, grab a glass of wine, and soak in the jovial atmosphere of Club Mar. Who knows? You might just find your new Friday night hangout spot.

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