12 coffee shops in Omaha, Nebraska that you need to try

12 coffee shops in Omaha, Nebraska that you need to try

1) Bad Seed Coffee & Supply

Premium coffee and a large boutique style shop filled with eclectic finds, try Bad Seed Coffee & Supply's Flat White, "one of our favorite drinks on the menu, our flat white is 8oz’s and made with TWO ooey gooey double shots of espresso and super silky steamed milk. Texture and ratio is the key in this drink and lucky for you we’ve got a key ring like a janitor."


2) Rally Coffee Co.

A coffee roaster and coffee shop in downtown Omaha, Rally Coffee Co. serves coffee drinks, baked goods and limited food menu in a coffee shop with open space, great for spending a day working or meeting a friend. Try the, "Kenya Gachatha, Ethiopia Endalkachew, Costa Rica Finca Calle San Juan, Mexico Chiapas," roasts.


3) Amateur Coffee

Try a seasonal drink or a Brown Sugar Shaken Espresso in a Jar "delectable 12 oz bevvie featuring our parlor espresso shaken with brown sugar, poured over ice, and finished with a pour of oat milk." Additionally the Wellness Latté in a Jar, "drink your colors! Superfood based, sweetened with agave, and finished with a pour of milk. Options include: Jade Matcha, Turmeric Golden Milk, Beet and Ginger, Spirulina and Elderflower, Cacao Mushroom Elixir."


4) Karma Koffee

Located in downtown Omaha, "Karma Koffee is a social experiment - a place where people can relax, slow down, and enjoy some of the best coffee Omaha has to offer. Karma Koffee’s artistic approach to coffee making and attention to flavor is what keeps customers coming back time and again. We’re more than just coffee - you’ll also find some of the best teas, sandwiches and locally sourced pastries, too."


5) Stories Coffee Company

If you're on Davenport Street try Stories Coffee Company, "what if you could drink an amazing cup of coffee and by doing so, support the very community in which you live and work? Stories Coffee Company is a local coffee shop serving locally roasted specialty coffee. We invest in the stories of others through supporting organizations that are doing good in Omaha."


6) Hardy Coffee Company

Try the multi-location Hardy Coffee Company where, "specialty coffee (and all that goes with it) isn’t so much about indulgence, but ritual–having places and moments and things in life that add value and create rhythm. We’re open daily for our neighbors to grab a cup of coffee together, launch a business, schedule a study session, or meet up for a story time playdate. It turns out that excellent coffee and baked goods make for a great excuse to get together and build something or simply unplug."


7) Myrtle & Cypress

Have you ever tried a cup of coffee roasted with air? At Myrtle & Cypress, "we want to connect you to the good. Good food, good people, good coffee, good vibes. We place a special value on our neighborhood community, and absolutely love getting to spread that hospitality around! Wether that be guests visiting from across town, or customers opening a fresh bag of our coffee somewhere across the country."


8) Archetype Coffee

A modern environment and robust coffees, try the Honduras Rossana Emperatiz Zelaya blend, "a beautiful example of the Honduran varietal parainema, this coffee hits for both comfort and adventure. This is one of two coffees we have offered this year from the Honduran Coffee Alliance, exported by Boncafe, and imported by our friends at Osito."


9) Stir Coffee Bar

The first thing you'll notice about Stir Coffee Bar is, "the unique taste and attention to detail when making each cup of coffee. We knew right away that we wanted Stir to have these same qualities for every item on our menu, so we carefully crafted our list of vendors. We chose small businesses in or near our community that cares greatly about their craft. Our menu offers coffee, tea, and small foods. All items that are easy to enjoy, while connecting with your favorite humans."


10) Accelerando Coffee House

Try Accelerando Coffee House, "as an artisan coffeehouse, our goal is to provide a creative space for the community to gather, recharge, and enjoy the best cup of coffee around. We enjoy the craft of preparing the perfect drink, whether it’s balancing the boldness of espresso into the sweetness of steamed milk, brewing the best chemex around, or the simple joy of a delightfully sweet mocha we take pride in every drink on our menu."


11) Howlin Hounds

Try Howlin Hounds for a New York inspired environment, "Featuring glistening hardwood floors and a long bar with soda fountain stools. Raw brick walls add a coziness to the atmosphere. Howlin’ Hounds Coffee is owned and operated by Greg Sechser and named after his two canines, Lady, a gentle yellow lab, and Buddy, a friendly dark golden retriever (who live upstairs). Come join us for some coffee and free wi-fi. The coffee brewed at Howlin’ Hounds is from  “Gimme! Coffee” just outside Ithaca, New York. And we brew it to perfection."


12) Zen Coffee Co.

For a cup of coffee that gives back, try Zen Coffee Co., "we at Zen enjoy creating a unique place that customers can experience, while also providing many drink options so that everyone is included! a portion of our profits goes directly back to our community in need." Try the Belgian Waffle Latte, which is a delicious latte topped with a fresh Belgian waffle.




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