Concert: Slayyyter at Chicago Pride Fest on June 18th 202

Concert: Slayyyter at Chicago Pride Fest on June 18th 202

CHICAGO, IL - In the heart of the Windy City, as the sun settled on June 18th, Slayyyter graced the Chicago Pride Fest stage, delivering an electrifying performance that resonated deeply with the massive audience gathered to celebrate love and unity. Armed with a setlist that blended her iconic pop sounds with sensual electronic vibes, Slayyyter left an indelible mark on everyone present that evening.

Opening with the mesmerizing “Erotic Electronic,” Slayyyter immediately set the atmosphere ablaze. Each track was a testament to her distinct musical prowess— from the seductive tones of “Dog House” and “Stupid Boy” to the invigorating “Venom” and “Self Destruct.” The crowd swayed and danced under the celestial cloak of “Clouds,” and by the time she delivered the raw emotion of “Out of Time” and the title track from her debut album, “Troubled Paradise,” there wasn’t a soul that wasn't entranced by her aura.


The 26-year-old bisexual songwriter, known for her adult-themed and empowering electronic pop music, not only showcased her incredible talent but also her ability to connect deeply with her fans. While tracks like “Daddy AF” and “Mine” — two songs that had previously earned critical acclaim from esteemed publications like Rolling Stone and The FADER — were obvious crowd pleasers, it was her rendition of Gloria Gaynor's “I Will Survive” that truly stole the show. It was an anthem for all, a tribute to resilience and the spirit of Pride.

The energy that evening was palpable. Despite the dense crowd, the festival's sound system impeccably delivered every note, ensuring that even those at the back felt intimately connected to the stage. Slayyyter's command was undeniable; she orchestrated waves of dancing, singing, and joyous celebration among the attendees.

Looking back at that evening, one thing is clear: Slayyyter’s performance at the Chicago Pride Fest was more than just a concert. It was a testament to the power of music to unite, inspire, and empower. And in that beautiful juncture of song and celebration, love truly won.

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