Concert: Whitney at the Taste of Chicago 2023

Concert: Whitney at the Taste of Chicago 2023

CHICAGO, IL - Amid the hustle and bustle of the Taste of Chicago 2023, where the aroma of delicacies from more than 35 food vendors and 15 food trucks wafted through the air and festivalgoers clinked glasses from the beer hall, wine garden, and cocktail lounge, there was another sensation that stood out on September 10th - the mellifluous sounds of hometown heroes, Whitney.

The Chicago-based duo, led by Julien Ehrlich and Max Kakacek, didn't miss a beat as they serenaded an eager crowd with a selection of tracks that spanned their discography. A palpable sense of nostalgia washed over the crowd with "Memory" from their album Spark. The mood shifted to reflective warmth when they introduced "Kansas," a track that harkens back to the distinct sounds of their debut and Forever Turned Around.


Whitney's journey has been remarkable since the band's formation in 2015. This legacy was evident as they dived into tracks from their debut album, Light Upon the Lake. "Golden Days" and "No Woman" elicited cheers from longtime fans, the melodies echoing the deep ties the band has to the city, set with a skyline background.

The festival, known for its expansive gastronomic offerings, where entry is free but the flavors come at a price, found its soulful heartbeat in Whitney's performance. "Giving Up" from their album Forever Turned Around resonated deeply, while "On My Own" brought a sense of introspection to the event.

It was a night where food met music, and Chicago's very own Whitney bridged that gap effortlessly. Signed to Secretly Canadian and having toured internationally, the band's global appeal was undeniable. Yet, there's something intrinsically Chicagoan about them. As they played, fielding a question about Italian beef preference, it was clear – closing out the festival, everyone had a good time.

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