Culver’s Wrigleyville opens steps from Wrigley Field

Culver’s Wrigleyville opens steps from Wrigley Field

The recent opening of a Culver's restaurant in the bustling community of Wrigleyville is a testament to both anticipation and the satisfying culmination of long-term planning. The Wisconsin-based fast-food chain, distinguished for its Butterburgers and frozen custard, inaugurated a 3,700 square foot outlet at 1111 West Addison Street​. This grand opening, which took place on a Monday, was the result of nearly a decade of meticulous planning and an enduring aspiration to expand into the Wrigleyville area since 2014​.

The new establishment in Wrigleyville is not just a win for Culver's but also for the local economy and the franchise owners involved. Baron Waller, a graduate of Lane Tech, spearheads this venture along with Bryon Waller and Joe Coyle. Baron Waller, already recognized for owning several franchises in the area, embarks on this new venture that amplifies the Culver's footprint in Chicago. The strategic positioning of the restaurant, across from Wrigley Field, accentuates its appeal, promising a blend of great food and the vibrant local culture, which is synonymous with Wrigleyville's identity.

The journey from conceptualization to realization reflects a narrative of perseverance and strategic planning. The timeline from 2014, when the expansion was first envisioned, to the grand opening, illustrates the long-term commitment and the unwavering belief in the potential of Wrigleyville as a lucrative location for Culver's. The debut of Culver's in Wrigleyville not only enriches the local fast-food scene but also epitomizes the harmonious blend of business acumen and community engagement. The meticulous planning that went into this venture underscores the significance of strategic location in business, while also contributing to the ever-evolving dynamism of Wrigleyville.

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