7 coffee shops to check out in Evansville, Indiana

7 coffee shops to check out in Evansville, Indiana

1) Penny Lane Coffeehouse

A coffeehouse that offers great drinks, a substantial food menu and coffee shop atmosphere, "Penny Lane has always offered an eclectic atmosphere that can appeal to any coffeehouse goer, from young to old, business people to hippies, moms and daughters or a student looking for a warm, friendly place to study. We have won numerous local awards for best coffee and serves one of the most finely pulled espressos in town. Whether it’s a vegan or organic pastry or sausage breakfast sammich, there’s something on the menu for every lifestyle and taste."


2) The Daily Grind

"We are a family business striving for excellence in every aspect. All of our meats, cheeses, breads, & produce are Premium grade (we have 7 different suppliers to get everything just right). We start baking & preparing early every morning to ensure quality for our guests. Our baked goodies are all made from scratch," as stated by The Daily Grind. In addition, their coffee is "only roasted once ordered and then shipped to us overnight," and "we grind our coffee beans just before brewing to ensure optimal flavor for our guests, and you can't beat the aroma!"


3) Donut Bank

An Evansville staple, "even before we opened our first Donut Bank Bakery & Coffee Shop in 1967, our family had a proud tradition of baking experience. We continue to provide old-world goodness to our valued customers and friends, upholding and extending that tradition in every baked good we offer. We firmly believe that you won’t find better cakes, bagels, donuts, or cookies anywhere. Not to mention Donut Bank’s award-winning coffee."


4) River Kitty Cat Cafe

Hang out with some cats while you sip your cappuccino at River Kitty Cat Cafe, "every dollar you spend at the cafe goes to our non-profit to support caring for homeless animals in our community. We house about 16 cats at the cafe who are all up for adoption. When one finds it’s new family, we bring another from the shelter which makes space at the VHS and gives the new cat a fresh audience with hopes of finding a new home."

5) River City Coffee & Goods

For a one of a kind experience, " River City is a unique blend of one of a kind gifts and a full service espresso & coffee bar. The coffee shop quickly became an organic part of the shop and also created a relaxed and social setting for people to meet, connect and create. They always have a variety of pour over options and their famous house-made syrups! Stop by today in historic downtown Evansville, just off the corner of 3rd and Main."

6) Kite & Key Cafe

For a delicious brunch with a side of coffee, try Kite & Ket Cafe where, "the corn beef hash is the best in the area. The French toast is actually a large cinnamon roll cut in half and dunked in egg custard before being griddled on the flat top. Healthy diners not opting for corned beef hash or biscuits with homemade gravy may choose an egg white omelet, oatmeal with fruit or a yogurt parfait with fruit."

7) Honey + Moon

A local chain, Honey + Moon has a casual atmosphere with delicious food and drink. Try the "Half Moon breakfast sandwich with aioli sauce and our signature Beekeeper Latte," or " The Red, White, & Blue bubble waffle with a refreshing tea lemonade," or the delicious iced caramel macchiatos, homemade baked goods, honey rose latte, or "the chicken, bacon & ranch Half Moon with a Piper Mint tea lemonade."

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