Experience a hot tub boat ride along the Chicago River

Experience a hot tub boat ride along the Chicago River

CHICAGO, IL - In a novel twist to winter activities in Chicago, the Chicago Electric Boat Company has introduced an exciting new experience on the Chicago River: hot tub boat rides. This unique offering allows residents and visitors to enjoy the scenic river in the colder months in a completely new way.

The company, known for its innovative approach to boating, announced that it will now offer these "hot tub boats" and heated boat rides during the winter season. The concept is simple yet luxurious: a bubbling hot tub set on a boat, cruising along the serene waters of the Chicago River. This floating paradise is designed to provide an exclusive and relaxing experience to its passengers.

The hot tub boat rides, which can accommodate up to six passengers, are available for 90-minute sessions. Reservations are currently open for November and December, as well as for the entirety of 2024. The cost for this unique experience is set at $158 per hour, with a minimum booking of two hours starting from December 8.

While food is not permitted on the boats, passengers are allowed to bring alcohol, though the company advises ensuring a sober person is designated to captain the boat. The Chicago Electric Boat Company emphasizes cleanliness and safety in their operations. The boats are equipped with an internal filtration system that not only heats but also cleans the water in the hot tub while the boat is docked. They employ a chemical-free, all-natural cleaning process, including a chlorinator probe with a gentle salt solution, ensuring the highest level of water cleanliness.

In addition to the hot tub boats, the company has also transformed its popular "Duffy boats" for the winter. These boats are now enclosed and come with a built-in heater, offering a cozy and warm way to enjoy the river during the colder months.

This innovative approach by the Chicago Electric Boat Company not only adds a new dimension to Chicago's winter tourism but also extends the boating season, allowing people to enjoy the river all year round.

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