10 questions with Food Truck Newsletter of Illinois

10 questions with Food Truck Newsletter of Illinois

1) When and how did you get started?

Food Truck Newsletter: We are still getting started. People can subscribe to our newsletters and food trucks can submit schedules, but regular newsletters aren’t being sent out yet. Currently, you can follow us on Instagram for updates about food trucks operating in McHenry and Lake County, Illinois.

2) What inspires you?

FTN: The hard work and delicious food prepared by every individual business owner we sample from or list on our newsletters inspires us beyond words. Operating a food truck takes dedication and deep passion towards cooking and hospitality. This love of food shows through the phenomenal, quality meals tasted from local food trucks thus far.


3) Where did you start?

FTN: We currently operate in McHenry and Lake County, Illinois.

4) Why did you start?

FTN: Again, running a food truck business is hard work, long hours and lots of preparation and post work. Marketing is a whole other job in of itself, so having to market your food truck business in addition to running it can get to be difficult. We created this as a service to help food truck owners automate their marketing a bit, and help customers find food trucks nearby.

5) Do you have something favorite from a food truck?

FTN: There’s something good on every menu, but some standouts of recent have been Brother’s BBQ, Que Pasta and Party Food Alien. 

Brother’s BBQ Food Truck’s standout 6 award winning barbeque sauce is reason enough to stop by anywhere they vend; try the pulled pork and home made garlic cheese curds, or anything else on the menu.

Que Pasta’s unique Mexican Italian fusion is a fresh, delicious spin on classic favorites; try any of their tacos and you can’t go wrong, or a burger with a savory blend of beef and chorizo. The homemade tortilla chips are outstanding.


Party Food Alien is a one of a kind food truck and their food will launch your taste buds into the stratosphere. Their sandwiches are exceptional, try the Area 51. If you find them on a Taco Tuesday at Crystal Lake Brewing, the burritos are truly beyond, fresh and delicious.

6) How does your business work?

FTN: People sign up for the newsletters of the locations they’d like to follow. Food trucks send us their schedules after signing up. We send people newsletters once a week for the location’s that they subscribed to.

7) Do you have any plans for next year?

FTN: We’d like to have better coverage in the area that we operate in as the main goal for next year, before expanding, to ensure best coverage for our subscribers.


8) Will your service always be free for food trucks?

FTN: It will always be free to list a schedule on Food Truck Newsletter for food trucks.

9) What markets are you expanding to next?

FTN: We will likely stick close to where we are currently operating, in Illinois. Then the Midwest, and nationally from there.

10) How do you find customers?

FTN: We currently post photos of food from local food trucks on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok. We’d like to grow organically through word of mouth and people finding us through our social media posting or via Google.

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