10 questions with GRNE Solar of Illinois

10 questions with GRNE Solar of Illinois

1) When was GRNE Solar founded?

GRNE Solar: GRNE Solar was founded in 2012 by Eric Peterman and Jess Baker. We have offices in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Nebraska, our teams specialize in commercial and residential solar and storage solutions across the Midwest.

2) What inspires you?

GRNE: Seeing our customers save money and the positive impacts on the environment are the driving forces behind our operations. Time and time again we speak with our home and business owners and the trending phrase is that going solar “was a no brainer decision” for them.

3) What is your current best seller?

GRNE: Out of all the services we offer, solar installations by far are our best seller. With the Federal Tax Credit extended and the reintroduction of the Solar Renewable Energy Credits (available in Illinois only) solar is constantly proving its viability as an alternative energy source. 


4) Does GRNE Solar host any events?

GRNE: We host virtual and in-person events throughout the year. Topics range from Solar 101 to technical topics like battery storage. Our events are always interactive and we encourage attendees to come with questions for our presenters.

5) What are your busiest seasons?

GRNE: We install systems year-round. Our fellow Midwestern’s will agree, our winters and summers can be unpredictable. From the installation perspective, our favorite season is Spring and Fall because of the great weather. 

6) What are the long-term benefits of going solar to the homeowner?

GRNE: On average, it takes 5-8 years for a system to have paid for itself. In addition to financial benefits, home and business owners that implement a solar solution are making major environmental impacts. The annual production of the average residential solar system is equivalent to reducing 6 tons of carbon dioxide. 


7) How is your state incentivizing solar?

GRNE: The incentives will vary from state to state and even from different counties. Nationally, consumers can take advantage of the 26% Federal Tax Credit. In addition to that, Illinois residents receive Solar Renewable Energy Credits, Net Metering, and local based utility incentives. Many other states have incentives as well like net metering and utility-based incentives.  

8) What would you say to someone who doesn’t like the look of solar?

GRNE: With the growing popularity of solar, the “look of solar” typically isn’t a concern. Modern modules are low-profile and black on black, which makes the system a rather appealing addition to your home. GRNE Solar prefers to hide any conduit when applicable which adds to the clean and seamless aesthetic.

9) What’s the biggest installation your team has done?

GRNE: We’re currently working on a 4 MW project in Nebraska; however, the biggest installation our team has completed thus far is a 2.60 MW ground mount array in Illinois. That site can power over 475 homes and is the equivalent to reducing 3,094 tons of carbon dioxide annually!

10) Where can people find you on social media?

GRNE: To stay up to date on what GRNE Solar is up to, follow our social medias below. 

Find out more on GRNE Solar's website or follow on Facebook and Instagram and Linkedin.

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