Grounded's electric RV begins tour of Michigan

Grounded's electric RV begins tour of Michigan

EMMET COUNTY, MI - A groundbreaking vehicle is making its way through the scenic routes of northern Michigan, capturing both the beauty of the state and the promise of sustainable travel. The Grounded G2, touted as the first-ever 250-mile electric RV, is on a 1,200-mile grand tour of Michigan, showcasing its capabilities and the future of eco-friendly road trips.

The tour, supported by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, serves dual purposes. On one hand, it's a rigorous test of the RV's technological capabilities. On the other, it's a visual journey aimed at documenting the landscapes and communities of Michigan. Detroit-based filmmaker Stephen McGee, who has worked extensively in the city, is broadening his horizons to include all of Michigan in this unique project.

The RV recently made a stop in Petoskey, having traveled from Marquette. McGee expressed excitement about the journey, stating, "People are like, 'Wait, what is this?' And then we tell them, and they are just surprised that there is an electric RV. We're going to hit the Marquette charging stations, have fun in the Pictured Rocks-area, Munising, and all the small towns in between. We're going to sleep in this, cook dinners on the induction stove, and watch sunsets out of the back balcony that opens up."

The G2 isn't just a technological marvel; it's also a mobile cinema. At Sunset Park in Petoskey, McGee's films were screened on the side of the RV, offering a unique blend of technology and artistry. The full price of the G2 is a hefty $195,000, but its potential impact on sustainable travel and community engagement could be priceless.

The tour is not just about showcasing the RV's capabilities; it's also material for a documentary that McGee is working on. The filmmaker aims to capture the essence of Michigan, from its bustling cities to its tranquil natural landscapes, all while traveling in a vehicle that leaves a minimal carbon footprint.

As the Grounded G2 continues its journey, it's clear that this is more than just a road trip. It's a statement about the future of travel, a testament to technological innovation, and a love letter to the state of Michigan. Whether you're an eco-conscious traveler, a tech enthusiast, or someone who simply loves the open road, the Grounded G2 offers a glimpse into a future where the journey is as important as the destination, and where the road ahead is green.

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