What’s wrong with my plant? Top plant problems and solutions

What’s wrong with my plant? Top plant problems and solutions

Even the most attentive plant parent bumps into plant diseases eventually, though diagnosing them can seem daunting on your own. Learning how to diagnose plant problems is a great way to build confidence in yourself as a gardener and very helpful if you encounter one of the many common greenery diseases.


Most Common Garden Problems

Many gardeners’ concerns revolve around sudden changes in appearance, whether it is a leaf spot issue or symptoms of improper care. If you’re wondering, “what’s wrong with my plants?” take a look at these common issues and their causes to begin narrowing down what can be the source of the problem:

  • Yellowing Leaves: Common issues when leaves are yellowing include nutrient deficiencies and overwatering. An overwatered plant can also be devoid of nutrients from consistently washing away these necessary minerals.
  • Stunted or Leggy Growth: These are both signs your plant is not getting the amount of light it needs to develop robust leaves and roots sufficiently. Pot-bound greenery can also exhibit stunted growth.
  • Defoliation: Leaves falling off is typically an issue with severely overwatered plants or those affected by pests or diseases.
  • Rotting or blackened tissue: An overwatering issue causes tissue death. Often it is bacterial or fungal in nature and needs to be addressed swiftly to save the plant.

Unfortunately, similar symptoms can be attributed to entirely different issues. This is why it’s essential to take a holistic approach when it comes to your plants and consider all of the factors going into their care to correctly identify the symptoms and draw a conclusion to save your green friend.


How to Diagnose Plant Problems

Many different issues can be seen in green inhabitants, though they can be broken into four main categories to help narrow down possible causes and solutions:

  • Plant Diseases, disorders, and damages
  • Environmental problems
  • Plant Pests
  • Invasive or Weed Plants

Time is vital when diagnosing a plant, so the sooner you can get a positive identification, the sooner you can fix the issue. The MyPlantIn website has a Plant Problems ID section on the main menu which provides a wide array of topics ranging from common pests and diseases to environmental factors that can affect how your plants are growing (or not growing). This is an excellent basis for starting the identification process and staying on the right track to begin treatment.

The Plant Problems ID section can help identify specific plant diseases or common signs of damage and suggest tips or treatments that can be done to get your green pet into a better condition. If pests are a concern, there is a Plant Pests ID Subsection with a library of information regarding pests and the plants they affect, as well as how you can get rid of them with many different solutions. Invasive plants can also be a huge issue, especially in outdoor gardens. Under the Invasive Plants ID section, PlantIn also has information on common invasive or weedy plants that can impact your garden and how to eradicate them safely.

After researching through the library of the Plant Problems ID section on the website, you should have a better grasp on what is causing your plant’s affliction and what can be done to treat them. This database can also help you learn signs and symptoms of other issues so you are better prepared for potential problems you may encounter in the future or, better yet, how to avoid them altogether. The research will make you a better gardener and save a lot of heartache and effort when you get to know the ins and outs of plant care.

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