How to get a free slice of Lou Malnati's on November 7

How to get a free slice of Lou Malnati's on November 7

Chicago, IL - The city's cherished pizzeria, Lou Malnati's, is extending an inviting offer to all pizza enthusiasts this November 7. From noon to 8pm, the pizzeria's West Loop location (1235 W Randolph St) is the spot to be for anyone looking to savor a slice of their much-loved cheese pizza.

But that's not all. In addition to the complimentary slice, guests will also be treated to a choice of a Coke or Diet Coke, making the meal not only delightful but also refreshing. This enticing offer marks a special day where both regulars and newcomers can gather to celebrate their shared love for a classic slice amidst the convivial ambiance that Lou Malnati's is known for.

The West Loop location is famed for its cozy setting and authentic Chicago-style pizza that has won the hearts of many in the local community and beyond. This promotion is seen as a gesture of appreciation towards the loyal patrons who have contributed to the enduring success of Lou Malnati's over the years.

This is a prime opportunity for those who have yet to experience the gastronomic joy that a slice from Lou Malnati's brings. So, mark your calendars and make your way to Lou Malnati's West Loop location this November 7. Amidst the urban hustle, take a moment to relish in a slice of Chicago's finest, and perhaps, discover a new favorite spot in the heart of the city.

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