How to revamp your back porch over the weekend

How to revamp your back porch over the weekend

If you're feeling a change and are thinking about remodeling your back porch or patio, you may want to consider starting with a small project to start out with. In as little as a weekend day, you can transform your backyard living area into a brand new space just by adding an element or two.

Do you cook from home a lot, but don't yet grill? Investing in a grill and an updated outdoor dinner table can add utility to un unused back porch. Do you entertain guests, or aspire to throw a few parties? Maybe looking into an outdoor portable bar is more suited to your purposes. Do you want to find sanctuary? Purchasing garden containers and planting annuals can become a new peaceful tradition.

As described by Steve Elliot of Restoration 1 Minnetonka, “elevate your back porch by updating it for certain purposes. Does your family get together for dinner or a viewing party on weekends? And then decide on the suitable sitting areas and complement it with lighting.


Make it warm and conversation-friendly. At the same time, allow your back porch to breathe life into a new story through neat and simple repainting and having some pop of colors in your soft curtains or pillows just to give it an indoor, R&R feel. If you have the luxury to transform the flooring, it would also be a game-changer.

As for the finishing touches, something personalized would be heartwarming.”

Completely remodeling your backyard can be a bit daunting, especially if you're just wanting to freshen up your scenery a bit or add some functionality to your space. Simple changes like fresh paint, or power washing your brickwork shouldn't go unconsidered when thinking about what your next weekend project will be. Even if you have an endpoint in mind for something completely different, just starting with a quick project here or there will get you closer to where you want to be.

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