Jeff Tweedy announces fall book tour

Jeff Tweedy announces fall book tour

This autumn, Chicago's Jeff Tweedy is set to embark on another creative journey, not with his familiar guitar or the distinctive chords of Wilco, but rather with his pen. Celebrating the release of his third literary work, WORLD WITHIN A SONG: Music That Changed, Tweedy has announced a fall book tour that promises not only to traverse cities but also to delve deep into the love and understanding of music.


Kicking off with a hometown signing in Chicago, Tweedy will travel to various cultural hotspots like New York, Cincinnati, and Washington, DC. But it's not just the stops that make this tour significant; it's the company he keeps. Adding depth to the dialogues, moderators like Nick Offerman, Amanda Petrusich of The New Yorker, Nathan Salsburg, and Michigan Radio's April Baer will join him. These are not mere moderators but thinkers and creators who have their unique perspectives on music, culture, and life – making every event a confluence of diverse ideas.

Tweedy’s literary prowess was previously exhibited in best sellers like Let’s Go (So We Can Get Back) and How To Write One Song. However, this latest venture offers an intriguing twist. In Tweedy’s own reflection, WORLD WITHIN A SONG: Music That Changed My Life and Life That Changed My Music “is the one I probably would have written first if I were more ambitious, and if I had been a little more clear-eyed about what I care most for in this world…Other people’s songs.” This candid revelation implies that readers and attendees of his tour are in for a deeply personal and heartfelt exploration of music's transformative power.

For those eager to mark their calendars, the tour will kick off on November 5th at The Athenaeum Theater in Chicago. Highlights include an event in New York with Amanda Petrusich, a gathering in Cincinnati with Nathan Salsburg, and a session in Ann Arbor moderated by April Baer. Moreover, the virtual event with actor Nick Offerman for Live Talks LA promises an engaging intersection of music, literature, and humor.

In tandem with these literary ventures, Tweedy doesn't leave behind his primary love – music. As he takes on this book tour, he remains on the road with the iconic band, Wilco. Amplifying the anticipation, Wilco is also set to release their new album, Cousin, on September 29th through dBpm Records. This fall promises a rich tapestry of music and literature for Jeff Tweedy fans, echoing the intertwining worlds of songs, stories, and shared human experiences.

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