Let North Dakota sunflowers put a smile on your face

Let North Dakota sunflowers put a smile on your face

Bismarck, ND – As the summer sun begins to dip below the horizon earlier each day, fields of sunny yellow sunflowers will start to blanket the North Dakota landscape. Throughout August the golden flowers bloom ubiquitously throughout the state, and North Dakota Tourism invites visitors to experience these awe-inspiring fields.

For visitors planning a picture-perfect trip, North Dakota Tourism has launched the state's 2022 Sunflower Blooms Guide detailing the location of 20 stunning sunflower fields. Weekly bloom updates will highlight the progress of vibrant yellows as they sweep across the state. In addition, Field of Sunflowers, one of North Dakota's Legendary Road Trips, is the perfect way to make the most of your remaining summer days and to check out the seas of brilliant yellow hues.

"As one of the nation's largest producers of sunflowers, North Dakota has a Legendary reputation as the best place in the United States to experience the vast sunflower blooms," said North Dakota Department of Commerce Tourism and Marketing Director Sara Otte Coleman. "Our golden fields attract visitors from all over who are captivated by the bright flowers and warm hospitality found across North Dakota each summer."


North Dakota came to be a leader in growing the fan favorite flowers after Ukrainian immigrants settled in the state via the Homestead Act of 1867. Sunflowers have long been a significant part of Ukraine's economy - the country produces upwards 70 to 80 percent of the global sunflower oil exports - and proudly recognize it as the nation's official flower. When Ukrainians settled in North Dakota, they brought their sunflower crops with them and cultivated the land into sweeping fields of brilliant yellow flowers.

Sunflower fans chasing photo opportunities should keep in mind the following tips for capturing the iconic blooms:

  • In general, landowners and farmers don't mind visitors stopping to look at the fields as long as you are respectful and don't enter or drive into the fields.
  • Looking for that perfect golden hour shot? Arrive early so you can scout your location for the optimal setting to capture your just-after sunrise or just-before sunset pic. It's a race against time, so you'll want to be set up and ready to go when the light turns that perfect hue. Phone apps such as Sun Seeker or Sun Surveyor can help visitors gauge the timing in any location.
  • Happen to visit on a cloudy day? You're in luck, as those are often the best days to capture vivid close-up shots.
  • Share your love for the sunny bloom and tag your photos and videos on social media using #BeNDLegendary.

As one of the top two sunflower producing states annually, North Dakota raises an impressive 40 percent of the nation's sunflowers. The state is also the top producer of the edible or "confection" sunflower seeds in the U.S. Visitors with a taste for sunflowers should scoop up a bag (or two!) of Wahpeton, North Dakota's Giants Snacks sunflower seeds in original or a variety of flavors, and try the deliciously creamy SunButter made from roasted sunflower seeds in Fargo.

North Dakota Tourism is also bringing the scrumptious seeds to the fields with packets of sunflower seeds in mailboxes for an on-the-road snack. More sunflower recipes, videos and little-known facts are available at Brighten Your Day with the Amazing Sunflower.

For more about the sunflower bloom in North Dakota and planning a trip, visit NDtourism.com.

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