Matt Muse announces new mixtape, So Far, So Decent, out September 19th

Matt Muse announces new mixtape, So Far, So Decent, out September 19th

The world of hip-hop is set to be lit afire with the announcement of Chicago/LA rapper Matt Muse's upcoming mixtape, “So Far, So Decent,” slated for release on September 19th. Making a bold reentry, Muse drops the lead single and accompanying video, “Let It Out” (featuring Emoni Brown-Bey), under the soul-stirring expertise of producer Sebastian Kamae. This release marks Muse's return to the scene after the well-received “Love & Nappyness” in 2019, lauded for its keen lyrics and moving production by VIBE.

“So Far, So Decent” is an auditory canvas that lays bare the essence of Muse's artistry. Across the mixtape's five standout tracks, which notably includes the acclaimed “Leave Here,” Muse’s unyielding confidence is palpable. As Muse explains, while “decent” might conjure up an image of mediocrity for some, for Chicagoans it's a superlative: it signifies something extraordinary, stellar, and downright incredible. Through Muse’s lens, it’s “decent as hell.”

The lead single, “Let It Out,” firmly establishes the tape's dynamism and flair. The accompanying video, the brainchild of director Gracie Koh, paints a mesmerizing visual narrative featuring Muse juxtaposed against the vast expanse of the sea. But this isn't just about aesthetics; it's a statement. Muse is demanding his space to manifest in his truest, most unfiltered form, breaking free from any preconceived expectations. “This song is my declaration that those days are done, and I'm going to be the person and artist that I want to be,” Muse boldly proclaims.

From there, the mixtape carries listeners on a voyage. Muse admits his previous works felt a bit more tailored to meet external standards. However, "So Far, So Decent" is a departure from that paradigm. Here, Muse is in full control, driven by his innate trust in his craft, his profound passion for music, and an unwavering love for hip-hop.

His refreshed approach resonates throughout the mixtape. Whether he's laying claim to his achievements, or collaborating with Chi-town legends like OG Stevo and Boathouse to dissect complex emotions, Muse basks in his newfound assurance. These songs serve as a potent reminder of his journey since the days of “Nappy Talk” in 2018 and “Love & Nappyness” in 2019. While those earlier works delved deep into the realms of self-love and the multifaceted nature of affection, “So Far, So Decent” is an ode to unbridled self-belief.

With this mixtape, Muse isn't just sharing tracks; he's imparting an energy, an infectious bravado that declares he recognizes his worth and potential. As listeners, we are invited to not just hear, but to feel, vibe, and most importantly, understand what it truly means to be “decent as hell.”

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