McCain Foods launches campaign to discuss sustainability

McCain Foods launches campaign to discuss sustainability

Earth loses approximately 12 million hectares of farmable land every year due to erosion. This equates to roughly one soccer field lost every few seconds. This erosion not only impacts the availability of farmable soil but also poses a threat to the future of potatoes and fries. However, there is hope in the form of regenerative agriculture. McCain, the world's largest french fry producer, is showcasing the potential of regenerative agriculture by bringing back Barb, a beloved TV character, on National French Fry Day. By reviving Barb and promoting healthy farming practices, McCain aims to demonstrate the power of collaboration and raise awareness about the importance of regenerative agriculture.

McCain is committed to implementing regenerative agriculture practices on 100% of its potato acreage by 2030. Tracy Hostetler, Vice President of North American Potato Marketing at McCain Foods, explains that these practices include "ensuring farm resilience, enhancing crop and ecosystem diversity, armoring soils, minimizing soil disturbance, reducing chemical impacts, optimizing water use, and integration of organic and livestock elements." By adopting these principles, McCain aims to restore and protect healthy soil, ensuring the sustainability of agricultural practices.

Tracy Hostetler further highlights the growing importance of sustainability among younger audiences, stating, "Sustainability has become an increasingly important consideration across all audiences - particularly among the younger generation, who have a growing passion and interest in protecting our environment." McCain recognizes this and aims to connect with younger individuals by aligning its sustainability initiatives with their values. The revival of Barb serves as a means to engage and resonate with younger generations, encouraging them to embrace sustainable practices that contribute to a healthier planet.

To raise consumer awareness about sustainability and regenerative agriculture, McCain embarked on a unique initiative last year. The company collaborated with Roblox to introduce "Regen Fries" made from regenerative potatoes as part of their #SaveOurSoil campaign. This initiative allowed younger audiences to immerse themselves in an interactive experience and gain a better understanding of the challenges faced by the farming community and the benefits of regenerative farming. Building upon this success, McCain has now brought back Barb, fulfilling the desires of fans and further raising awareness about sustainability. The revival of Barb showcases the simplicity of making a positive change by choosing McCain fries.

McCain Foods USA, as a leading supplier of frozen potato and snack food products, recognizes the urgency of protecting the environment and restoring healthy soil. By championing regenerative agriculture practices, McCain aims to combat the significant loss of farmable land caused by erosion. Through initiatives like #SaveOurSoil and the revival of Barb, McCain actively engages younger generations and promotes sustainability. By choosing McCain fries, consumers can contribute to the restoration of healthy soil for future generations. Together, we have the power to make a positive impact and ensure a brighter, more sustainable future.

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