Michigan's first infused soda launches

Michigan's first infused soda launches

LANSING, MI - The world of beverages has seen a revolutionary addition this summer as Michigan welcomes its first cannabis-infused sodas, pioneered by Lansing-based cannabis cultivator and processor, Franklin Fields. This breakthrough follows the success of Sweet Justice, Canada's premier cannabis cola in 2021, which has now expanded its horizons by entering the American market in collaboration with Franklin Fields.

Sweet Justice stands apart in the ever-growing cannabis industry, not only because of its unique introduction of THC into the classic drink but also due to its commitment to quality ingredients. As highlighted by Jocelyn Tse, the Canada co-founder, the drink isn't merely about the THC content. It's a "sophisticated adult beverage" crafted with delicate balances to suit a variety of preferences. The use of real cane sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup, combined with natural cola flavorings, signifies the brand's commitment to quality. The choice of lower carbonation, ensuring minimum gas bloating, further cements its place as a carefully designed drink for the discerning consumer.

The product lineup boasts an impressive range. From OG Cola with 10mg THC to the mixed Elderberry Pom flavor containing both THC and CBD, there's something for everyone. Anticipation is already building for the soon-to-be-released seasonal flavors: Cranberry Ginger Ale and OG Ginger Ale. And for those looking for a stronger kick, summer 2024 promises a Root Beer with a robust 25mg THC.

However, Sweet Justice is not just about providing a unique drinking experience. Their commitment to the community shines through their proactive approach to corporate social responsibility. A segment of the proceeds from Sweet Justice sales goes directly to the Great Lakes Expungement Network (GLEN). This noble initiative aids Michiganders with criminal records, granting them an opportunity for a fresh start via fee-free expungements.

For those eager to get their hands on this groundbreaking soda, The Botanical Co. stores in locations such as Lansing, Middleville, and Kalkaska stock them, with several other retail partners offering them across the state. For businesses wanting to add this innovative product to their shelves, partnerships await.

At its core, the introduction of Sweet Justice by Franklin Fields, a proud member of the Carbidex family, represents more than just a product launch. It's the culmination of expert cannabis science, innovative beverage formulation, and a commitment to giving back to the community. As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, Michigan can take pride in being at the forefront, thanks to trailblazers like Franklin Fields and their dedication to excellence.

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