Guest Artist: Caroline Porter of Midwest Paint, "Midwest City Skylines"

Guest Artist: Caroline Porter of Midwest Paint, "Midwest City Skylines"

"Hi, I’m Caroline Porter, the artist behind Midwest Paint. Midwest Paint is a newly opened art shop dedicated to - you guessed it - Midwest American inspired art. Before opening the shop, I worked in molecular biology, but after having my daughter I wanted a career that was more family friendly. It was then I decided to pursue my biggest passion in life - creating art that invokes a sense of belonging.

I chose the Midwest as a focal point because it’s my home, my inspiration, and a part of who I am. I’ve also always felt that the area doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. There’s so much overlooked beauty here. I hope to share with viewers the Midwest I’ve come to know and love.

The first series I’m launching is an ongoing series titled, “Midwest City Skylines.” I’ve always been fascinated with city skyline art. I love that in skylines you can be as elaborate or as minimalistic as you want. I also love how distinct Midwest cities feel. In this series, I started with places I’m familiar with: Minneapolis, MN; Brookings, SD; and Omaha, NE. I spent my formative years near Minneapolis, then relocated to Brookings while attending school and now live in Omaha. My goal is to complete at least one major city along with some of the more touristy cities/towns from each Midwestern state. Feel free to follow along as I tour through Iowa and Chicago next and if you would like your own custom skyline contact me for commissioned pieces."


For more, visit Midwest Paint on Etsy or follow on Instagram.
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