Mike Reed unveils single "Floating With An Intimate Stranger" from upcoming album

Mike Reed unveils single "Floating With An Intimate Stranger" from upcoming album

CHICAGO, IL - Renowned Chicago-based drummer, bandleader, and composer Mike Reed has just released a new single and accompanying video titled "Floating With An Intimate Stranger." The single is a precursor to his highly anticipated album, "The Separatist Party," set to debut on October 27th via Astral Spirits/We Jazz.

The single showcases the unique blend of talents Reed has assembled for this project. The ensemble includes cornetist Ben LaMar Gay, spoken word artist Marvin Tate, and members of Bitchin Bajas—Rob Frye, Cooper Crain, and Dan Quinlivan.

"Floating With An Intimate Stranger" is a "sleek mid-tempo groover that brings an orchestral depth harkening back to Sun Ra Arkestra's Chicago days of the 1950s." Reed elaborates on the song's essence, stating it "is there to help you get outside of your own body. Sometimes you meditate, sometimes you need substances, and sometimes you share the most intimate thoughts and desires with complete strangers... they're different ways to be free."

The upcoming album, "The Separatist Party," promises a fusion of diverse musical influences. From jazz legends like Pharoah Sanders and Don Cherry to the motoric rhythms of krautrock, the album aims to offer a "propulsive brew that speaks to the turbulence of the times we find ourselves in."

Reed is not just a musician but also a significant community builder in the Chicago music scene. He has co-founded the Pitchfork Music Festival and owns and operates live music venues like Constellation and The Hungry Brain. His influence extends beyond music; he serves as the chair of the Chicago Music Festival and has been involved in long-term projects with AACM co-founders Roscoe Mitchell and Wadada Leo Smith.

Fans can look forward to a record release show on October 26th at Chicago's Constellation venue. Tickets are already on sale, and the event promises to be a sonic journey that encapsulates the essence of the album.

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