Miracle in Mundelien this weekend, first fest to allow cannabis consumption

Miracle in Mundelien this weekend, first fest to allow cannabis consumption

MUNDELEIN, IL - Illinois is on the cusp of a historic event that melds the world of music with the essence of cannabis – The Miracle In Mundelein. Set to unfold on September 9th and 10th, 2023, this first-of-its-kind music concert, situated just a stone's throw away from Chicago in Mundelein, Illinois, is granting attendees the unprecedented privilege of on-site cannabis consumption.

The audacious vision of this event, a brainchild of RYTHM Premium Cannabis, Sacred Rose, and Dayglo Presents, aims to illuminate the synergies between music, art, and cannabis. Fans will be treated to an eclectic mix of melodies ranging from hip-hop, reggae, jam, to funk. Such a diverse blend promises to foster camaraderie, transcending boundaries and uniting communities under the harmonious umbrella of music and marijuana.

Dayglo Presents' founder, Peter Shapiro, encapsulated the spirit of the occasion, heralding it as more than just a concert. He sees it as a "testament to the relationship that music and legal cannabis can have when brought together in the right way." In an era when legal cannabis consumption remains contentious in some areas, The Miracle stands as a beacon of progressiveness, illustrating how these two spheres can interact in harmony.


The two-day event is poised to be a musical smorgasbord. Saturday centers on hip-hop and reggae heavyweights like the multi-platinum Cypress Hill and Grammy-laden Stephen Marley. Sunday then eases into the mellower strains of jam and funk, featuring headliners such as Joe Russo’s Almost Dead and the dynamic funk-fusion rhythms of Lettuce. But The Miracle offers more than just ear candy.

Dive into immersive experiences like a dab bar, savor the offerings of a cannabis beverage garden, or master the art at joint rolling stations. Each of these engagements, handcrafted by the organizers, is designed to amplify the inherent bond between music and cannabis. As Michael Berg of Sacred Rose Presents highlights, this isn't merely a concert – it's a trailblazing platform championing a burgeoning cannabis culture, executed with the blessings and oversight of Mundelein’s local administration.

For those pondering cannabis logistics, fret not. Although direct sales at the venue are restricted, the proximity to Green Thumb dispensary ensures attendees can prep beforehand. Yet, remember to keep your cannabis products sealed until inside!

Ben Kovler, the helmsman of Green Thumb Industries, believes The Miracle celebrates the enduring, deep-rooted kinship between music and cannabis, striving for an atmosphere brimming with "connectivity, positivity, and well-being."

In a nutshell, The Miracle In Mundelein isn't just another event – it's a movement, a celebration, and a testament to the harmonious future of music and cannabis. Prepare for an unparalleled rendezvous of rhythm and relaxation. Just ensure you're 21 and above, grab your tickets, and witness history in the making.

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