GRNE Solar opens in Missouri, offering residents rooftop solar

GRNE Solar opens in Missouri, offering residents rooftop solar

ST. LOUIS, MO - GRNE Solar, a leading Midwest solar EPC installer, is pleased to announce their expansion into Shrewsbury, Missouri. GRNE Solar's expansion into Missouri will help meet the growing demand for more clean energy solutions and create new job opportunities within the state.

"We look forward to being a part of the clean energy initiative in Missouri, and to start helping residents save money on their energy bills," said Jorge Ayala, GRNE Solar Missouri Branch Manager.


GRNE Solar now has seven offices across five Midwest states. This new location will allow them to break into a new market, and allow them to offer affordable turnkey, custom solar systems to Missouri residents. The solar industry is continuing to grow and expand, and the Missouri market is no exception.

"Our expansion into this new market brings new opportunities and more possibilities to help reduce the carbon footprint throughout the Midwest," said Eric Peterman, GRNE Solar CEO. "We are excited to bring customized solutions and five-star service to the great state of Missouri."

GRNE Solar will help Missouri residents navigate the federal and utility-based incentives while educating consumers on the benefits of solar and what they can expect out of a solar system. GRNE Solar leads through education, allowing for their customers to make accurate and informed decisions.

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