More Illinois homeowners are switching to solar

More Illinois homeowners are switching to solar

SPRINGFIELD, IL - In a significant shift towards renewable energy, Illinois homeowners are increasingly adopting solar power, driven by environmental concerns and bolstered by state and federal incentives. The year 2023 has marked a record in residential solar power growth in Illinois, with 170 megawatts of power added in the first three quarters, surpassing the total of 125 megawatts in 2022. This data, provided by the Solar Energy Industries Association and Wood Mackenzie, highlights a remarkable surge in solar adoption.

ComEd, the primary electric utility in northern Illinois, reported a substantial increase in residential rooftop solar systems, with 12,600 connected to the grid in the first 11 months of 2023. This is a significant rise from 10,400 in 2022 and just 98 in 2013. Similarly, Ameren, serving central and southern Illinois, also experienced a stellar year with 6,900 residential rooftop systems connected, a notable increase from 2,600 in 2022.

Homeowners have expressed that government incentives, covering approximately 60% of the installation costs, have made the transition to solar more feasible. This shift not only represents a growing awareness and concern for the planet's health but also a practical embrace of renewable energy sources facilitated by supportive policies.

This trend in Illinois is reflective of a broader movement towards sustainable energy solutions, as individuals and communities recognize the urgency of addressing climate change and the long-term economic benefits of renewable energy sources.

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