18 questions with Indiana's NO HARM

18 questions with Indiana's NO HARM

1) When did you start playing music?

NO HARM: 4 years ago on Garageband.

2) Why did you start?

NH: I wanted to make full songs to the riffs I came up with on guitar. It didn't take me long to ditch the guitar and experiment with the sounds Garageband provides. It felt like the DAW brought infinite possibilities.

3) Who is your favorite musician?

NH: My favorite musician has to be Kanye West. He comes up with unique themes/sounds on each album and I really admire how he isn't afraid to be himself. Watching his recent documentary and seeing just how confident he was in himself was really inspiring.

4) Are you a solo act?

NH: I am! I love to collaborate with my friends to make songs and get feedback from them. Being around my friends really motivates me to be the best I can be. I love seeing their reaction when I show them something new of mine.


5) What is your most recent song?

NH: My most recent release was a song called "bro". It is about a man who was being creepy to my girlfriend when she was on her way to see me perform. I started by sampling an artist who is from the town right next to mine, Omar Apollo. I filtered out almost everything besides that 150hz-300hz range, frequencies that my mixes tend to lack. Then I used a drum loop I found online, added some crazy effects to a guitar to make a triplet pattern, added some synth chords, and just let my thoughts flow through the vocals. I've never expressed my emotions that way in a song, that's why it means a lot to me.

6) Who is your favorite act to see live?

NH: I love going to midwxst concerts whenever he's in Chicago. He has an amazing stage presence and can make anyone mosh to his songs.

7) Is your music streaming online?

NH: Yes! NO HARM on all streaming platforms.

8) Do you make your album art?

NH: Yes I do. I usually take a few pictures I've taken recently and just mess with them in Photoshop until I get something I like.

9) How do you make you music videos?

NH: I love filming and editing things. My last music video was shot spontaneously while my friend and I were at a concert. I had a crazy hat that flashed lights and he had glasses with colored lenses that we used as a camera filter. My next music video that I'm releasing shortly after my EP releases (9/16/22) was shot and edited by me. The song is about my friends so I just filmed my friends and I hanging out. I'm super excited to put it out to the world.

10) Do you want to sign to a label?

NH: Yes! I'd love to get a distribution deal and release some music!


11) Would you ever sign to a major label?

NH: Sure, I'd be open to it. I've heard horror stories of artists getting screwed over by their labels though, so I'd be extra careful.

12) Do you like to perform, record or write best?

NH: Probably write. I love producing my tracks. I think the instrumentals are what makes them unique. I also love to mix and master my tracks.

13) What do you attribute your success to?

NH: My friends! They motivate me the most. Also shoutout to all the YouTubers that make tutorial videos.

14) What are your current artistic goals?

NH: To inspire people just like I've been inspired. Music can change lives and if my music ever does that for someone, I'd be very happy.

15) Do you only release music online?

NH: So far, yes. I love little collectables though so if I get the opportunity I'd love to make physical copies of my music.

16) What is your favorite part about being a musician?

NH: The ability to express myself and connect with people.

17) Where are you from?

NH: Northwest Indiana.

18) Where is your favorite place to visit within the Midwest?

NH: Chicago! I love that city.

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