Pivot Energy to construct 10 new Illinois community solar projects

Pivot Energy to construct 10 new Illinois community solar projects

Chicago, IL – Pivot Energy, a national renewable energy provider, is pleased to announce the start of construction of ten new community solar projects in Illinois that will provide low cost electricity to households and businesses across the state. The portfolio of projects represents 17.1 megawatts of capacity through the Illinois Adjustable Block Program across Ameren and Commonwealth Edison utility service territories.

Unlike traditional on-site solar energy, community solar allows local households and residents to subscribe to the portion of electricity generated by a local project. Also known as "shared solar" or "community solar gardens", these projects expand the benefits of solar, including lower energy costs, to those who do not own their home or do not have adequate space for their own solar energy system.

"We are fiercely dedicated to providing equitable access to community solar," said Garrett Peterson, Senior Vice President of Project Development of Pivot Energy. "By offering solar energy to those who need it most, we are empowering individuals and expanding the benefits to entire communities in the form of cleaner air, lower electricity bills, and jobs."


With the passing of the Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA) in 2016 and the subsequent Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA) in 2021, Illinois has gradually become a nationwide leader in the deployment of renewable energy. The legislation puts the state on a path to 100% clean energy by 2045.

"We applaud Governor Pritzker's efforts to transition Illinois to clean energy," said Peterson. "Our company is proud to employ Illinoisans and invest in the local economy in our effort to deploy renewable energy for those who previously did not have access."

Pivot Energy previously developed a 34-megawatt portfolio of community solar projects across Illinois in early 2021. With the new portfolio, the company's community solar capacity now stands at 51 megawatts, making Pivot Energy one of the leading providers of community solar in the state.

The portfolio is expected to produce 80 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, offsetting the equivalent of more than 60,000 tons of carbon emissions according to the EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalency Calculator.

Pivot partners with community organizations in allocating subscriptions to those most in need and manages them through the SunCentral platform, their proprietary cloud-based software. If your organization could benefit from partnering with Pivot, please reach out to info@suncentral.net.

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