Ratboys present new album, "The Window"

Ratboys present new album, "The Window"

Chicago's very own Ratboys have unveiled their latest offering, "The Window," released on August 25th through Topshelf Records. Prior to the album's debut, the band has teased listeners with the single, “Morning Zoo,” which is characterized by a robust and dynamic blend of percussion and Abby Gundersen's mesmerizing violin notes. Distinguished by its marked twang, this track resonates with the band's image that MTV rightly painted as “Chicago’s post-country troubadours.”

Julia Steiner's lyrics in the song weave a poignant narrative of her personal struggles with anxiety. Her words paint a vivid picture of being trapped at a crossroads of life, oscillating between the monotony of the daily grind and profound existential introspection. This piece is an emblematic representation of the heart's battle, evoking feelings of uncertainty and a quest for inner tranquility. Steiner herself sheds light on the profound depth of the lyrics, pointing to their encapsulation of the feeling of "numb indecision" and persistent anxiety that gnaws at one's spirit.

What stands out about Ratboys, comprising Julia Steiner (vocals, guitar), Sean Neumann (bass), Marcus Nuccio (drums), and Dave Sagan (guitars), is their electrifying synergy. The songs in "The Window" bear testament to this. Each track echoes the band's unified spirit, combining audacity with tenderness, encapsulating the sensation of vast expansiveness yet preserving intimacy.


In a departure from their routine, Ratboys chose to venture out of Chicago for "The Window," collaborating with renowned producer Chris Walla in Seattle. This deviation from the familiar proved transformative. With Walla at the helm, the album burgeoned into a melange of eclectic instruments and sounds, all while maintaining the band's core essence. Their collaborative approach to music, marked by hours spent relishing iconic albums, bore fruit in the form of this dynamic album.

For fans eager for a pre-release experience, Ratboys will showcase "The Window" at Chicago’s Big Kids on August 23rd. With a festive atmosphere complete with karaoke and unique culinary delights, this is one preview that promises a memorable time. Moreover, their post-release journey comprises a North American tour, culminating in a much-anticipated debut headline tour in the UK and Europe.

In sum, as Paste aptly puts it, Ratboys' unparalleled and irreplaceable live chemistry is something that shouldn't be missed. Their latest, "The Window," is not just an album; it's an experience, one that promises to reverberate in the hearts of listeners.

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