September is Detroit Month of Design featuring over 80 events

September is Detroit Month of Design featuring over 80 events

Detroit, MI – Design Core Detroit is announcing the twelfth annual Detroit Month of Design, taking place Sept. 1-30, 2022. This edition will feature over 80 events spanning from exhibitions and installations to workshops, talks and tours. Events will take place across the city of Detroit and into the surrounding metro area at indoor, outdoor and virtual venues.

This year, Detroit Month of Design's programming centers on design strategies with the capacity to strengthen community resources and mutual aid. Focused on the theme of unity, this iteration will seek to cross-pollinate disciplines so a more collaborative and accessible world can emerge. Design Core Detroit sees designers as key players in cultivating unity and interdependence within communities. As such, this year celebrates all facets of design — from the urban planning and landscape decisions that frame our cities and lives to the fashion, furniture designers and artists that shape our cultural mindsets and aesthetic sensibilities.

"As we put together this year's offerings, it became clear that Detroiters design differently and have since the turn of the 20th century," said Kiana Wenzell, co-executive director of Design Core Detroit. "We are a Midwestern city with a very particular history and geography, which creates the perfect catalyst for an innovative approach to design. This has allowed us to have hyperlocal impact with global influence. Through the generous support of this year's title sponsor, William Davidson Foundation, our goal is to provide a platform for Detroit's great design thinkers to converge and for the public to experience the transformative role design plays in their lives."

Detroit Month of Design will highlight key players and districts from Detroit's design legacy, exemplifying the city's stake in design history and the role it has played in culture locally and globally.

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