Slow Pulp present new single, "Broadview," album and tour

Slow Pulp present new single, "Broadview," album and tour

CHICAGO, IL - The Chicago-via-Madison indie quartet, Slow Pulp, has unveiled its new single, “Broadview,” accompanied by a captivating visualizer. The band, comprising vocalist Emily Massey, guitarist-producer Henry Stoehr, bassist Alex Leeds, and drummer Teddy Mathews, continues to rise to the occasion, releasing yet another gem from their eagerly awaited album, Yard, set to debut on September 29th through ANTI-.

“Broadview,” described as a sentimental Americana ballad, showcases Massey’s exceptional vocal prowess, touching new altitudes. The song resonates with heartening pedal steel contributions from Peter Briggs and a soulful touch of Willie Christianson's harmonica and banjo. “This song is about letting yourself fall in love for the first time in a long time,” shared Massey, elucidating the emotion behind it, recounting her experiences from past relationships and the rejuvenating feeling of finding love anew. The track’s accompanying visualizer, crafted by Melanie Kleid, splendidly captures the essence of late-night summer romance through a series of evocative animations.


What sets Yard apart from the cluster of indie releases is its diverse sonic shades. This diversity is evident from their string of singles, from the electrifying "Cramps," the mellow charm of "Slugs," to the powerful "Doubt." Each song from Yard encapsulates a universe of emotion and sound, making it a magnificent symphony of raw, dreamy rock, blending with hooks that linger and narratives that echo themes of introspection, trust, and camaraderie. It's this eclectic artistry that solidifies Slow Pulp's status among the foremost indie groups of this era.

The heart of Slow Pulp's music lies in its authentic collaboration and mutual trust. Echoes of this bond can be traced back to their 2020 debut, Moveys, where Massey worked alongside her father, Michael, recording vocals in his intimate home studio. Their shared understanding and Michael's profound insight into Massey's life enriches the recording process, eliciting performances from her that are raw and genuine.


Through Yard, Slow Pulp delves into myriad emotions, masterfully juggling contradictions, nuance, and unique impressions. It's as if they've found the perfect lexicon for those indescribable feelings, possibly emanating from the quartet's shared journey of growth and discovery.

The excitement doesn't stop at the album. Slow Pulp is embarking on an extensive tour in support of Yard, with many locations, including New York City, Boston, Denver, and more, already receiving overwhelming responses and sold-out shows. Their tour promises to be an exhilarating experience for fans, with dates spanning across North America and Europe.

As Slow Pulp continues to evolve, their music becomes a testament to the power of genuine connection, collaboration, and the ability to articulate life’s most profound emotions through art. With Yard, they invite listeners into their world, promising a musical journey worth cherishing.

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