21 questions with Sold Out of Minnesota

21 questions with Sold Out of Minnesota

1) Introduce yourself:

Tim Dahlseid: I’m Tim Dahlseid. I produced and directed the new movie “Sold Out” that was filmed entirely in Minnesota using all local cast and crew. 

2) What is the movie about?

TD: It’s a music-based drama about a female talent scout who takes a down-on-his luck construction worker under her wing and helps him rise to his potential as a singer/songwriter.


3) Where did the idea for the movie come from?

TD: Susan Brightbill wrote the script based on her days in the music business in Los Angeles. It’s really a movie for anyone with a dream. It’s about the various ways in which we sell out and how we can help get each other back on track. 

4) What’s your favorite part about the creative process?

TD: Collaborating with the actors and having to problem-solve quickly when you have no time to spare.

5) Do you have any special connection to the location?

TD: Yes, I was raised in Minnesota.  We moved back to MN to make movies. Minnesota has a lot to offer regarding locations and talent/crew pool.

6) What was the most challenging thing about making a movie?

TD: On this project we each wore a lot of hats and it was a constant challenge. But it also played into the energy I wanted on the set. I didn’t want a large group that moved slowly. I wanted to be fast and focused on the actors. Keeping the actors on their feet and working. Everyone worked extremely hard.

7) How did you overcome it?

TD: By demanding the impossible from myself, every day.  When you’re determined to succeed and failure is not an option. And you have all these people that are counting on you, it was shocking what my soul and body could muster. We constantly needed solutions to make every scene and situation work. You have everyone looking at you asking how it’s going to happen. I had to have an answer and if I didn’t, I had about two seconds to figure it out. You simply can’t stop moving… ever. Our motto was “by any means necessary.”


8) How many people worked on the movie?

TD: The on-set crew consisted of myself, Susan and our sound guy Ben. And we had another producer, Joanne, in the office handling the contracts. And of course the actors.

9) How did you adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic?

TD: We finished shooting right before the pandemic hit. Post production was isolating though.

10) If you could give yourself one piece of advice when you started, what would it be?       

TD: Hire one grip.

11) Did you like filming in the Midwest?

TD: Filming in Minnesota was fantastic. We had brilliant locations and the people were very supportive and excited to help in any way. Minnesota just passed legislation for a production tax incentive. This will bring more production to the state and that means jobs. It’s very exciting.

12) What are some of your favorite movies?

TD: Wow, so many to list but what come to mind first are Rear Window, Apollo 13, Goodfellas, There Will Be Blood, Jaws and LaLa Land.

13) What has changed most about the movie business since you first started?

TD: I think the tools and distribution. The industry has been trending toward streamers for a long time and the pandemic accelerated that.  The tools… wow, you can use a phone these days if you want to.

14) What is a personal goal of yours?

TD: To simply be the best version of myself every day. To take the day’s lesson and learn from it with a smile. Putting the forgettable in the rearview mirror and not suffering the foolish.


15) What is your favorite state in the Midwest?

TD: Minnesota. From the seasons to the landscape. Minnesota has the plains in the southwest, the dramatic river valleys, the hearty forests, the endless lakes including the best great lake -- Lake Superior. The state is dotted with enchanting towns and villages with warm people from all walks of life, including a thriving metropolitan with a stellar airport.

16) What’s your favorite thing about the Midwest?

TD: The seasons and the can-do determination of the people that made it.

17) What’s your favorite season?

TD: I appreciate them all, but fall and spring are my favorite. They’re full of energy. They represent a new beginning to me.

18) Where can people find you on social media?

TD: On Instagram and Facebook -- Tim Dahlseid. Also @SoldOutmovie on Instagram.

19) Do you have a website?

TD: SoldOutthemovie.com

20) What’s next for you?

TD: I’m currently putting together another feature “Wrecking Ball” and developing a limited series based in Minnesota. Both are planned to shoot in Minnesota utilizing the new tax incentive.

21) How can people watch the movie?

TD: “Sold Out” is available to stream on Amazon and Tubi. You can watch the trailer and find links to the movie here: www.linktr.ee/SoldOutmovie.

Find out more on Sold Out's website or follow on Instagram and Facebook.

Photography courtesy of Tim Dahlseid

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