Sufjan Stevens to release new album, Javelin, October 6th

Sufjan Stevens to release new album, Javelin, October 6th

Acclaimed musician and songwriter, Sufjan Stevens is set to unveil his newest masterpiece, "Javelin," on October 6th. Announced by Asthmatic Kitty, the album showcases its brilliant lead single, "So You Are Tired.” This release marks a significant turn in Stevens' illustrious musical journey – it's his first solo song collection since "The Ascension" in 2020 and bridges a nostalgic gap back to 2015’s "Carrie & Lowell." Notably, "Javelin" encapsulates the rich experience of Stevens’ 25-year career, magnificently condensed into powerful four-minute episodes of choral, orchestral, and electrifying brilliance.

"Javelin" is an evocative symphony that blends immense musical dynamism with raw emotional depth. There are moments in the album that conjure visions of grand ensemble creations, yet remarkably, Stevens orchestrated most of its opulent soundscapes in the solitary ambiance of his home. This unique production style pays a stunning homage to the decadent '70s Los Angeles studio era. Yet, it's not an entirely solo venture; the album is enriched with the harmonies provided by Stevens’ close circle – talents like adrienne maree brown, Hannah Cohen, and Nedelle Torrisi, to name a few. Moreover, the notable presence of Bryce Dessner's guitar artistry on “Shit Talk” and the heartwarming conclusion penned by Neil Young in “There’s A World” adds layers of depth and resonance.


Drawing a contrast with his previous work, "The Ascension," which The New York Times praised as “a cry of despair and prayer for redemption," "Javelin" commences as a poignant self-portrait – vivid yet understated. It captures the essence of Stevens' soulful introspection, reminiscent of earlier works like "Seven Swans" or "Carrie & Lowell." It beckons listeners into a close embrace, whispering tales of introspection and revelations.

The lead single, "So You Are Tired," offers a delicate introduction, where soft piano melodies intertwine with intricate layers of guitar and percussion, crafting an ambient, melancholic soundscape. Stevens' hauntingly familiar voice resounds, "So you are tired of us // So rest your head," evoking feelings of melancholy and resilience, as if his voice has been fortified by the very tales of pain and hope he shares.

Accompanying "Javelin" is a 48-page art book, a testament to Stevens' multifaceted creativity. Filled with meticulous collages, imaginative puff-paint creations, and vibrant color fields, it's a visual delight. The inclusion of ten short essays adds depth to the artistic experience. Ranging from humor to tragedy, these writings give fleeting insights into the personal experiences, both love and loss, that have profoundly influenced Stevens' artistry and this album.

In essence, "Javelin" is not just an album; it's an immersive experience that offers listeners a deep dive into the soul of one of the most enigmatic songwriters of our time. A true testament to Stevens' evolving artistry and an absolute must-listen.

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