8 tacos to try in Waterloo, Iowa

8 tacos to try in Waterloo, Iowa

1) Chapala Family Mexican Restaurant

Try the Tacos al Carbon, as described on the restaurant's menu, "three tacos with tender flamed broiled and chopped steak or chicken breast. Served in warm corn tortillas with 'salsa fresca,' lettuce and topped with parmesan cheese and guacamole." They are delicious. 


2) La Placita Taqueria

Traditional tacos, simply made and your choice of meat, try La Placita Taqueria, "choose a meat: Steak (Asada), Chicken (Pollo), Mexican Sausage (Chorizo), Carnitas (Pork), Al Pastor (Marinated Pork). Choose a Sauce: Red Sauce, Green Sauce."

3) La Michoacana

You can't go wrong with the Burrito Supreme, "tomato, lettuce, sour cream, onion, cheese, rice, beans and meat, tomato, lechuga, cream, queso, arroz, frijoles y carne," with your choice of, "asada, pastor, canitas, cabeza, lengua, pollo, steak, pork, stewed beef, pork, tongue, chicken," for meat.


4) Pancheros

While you may shrug off franchises when thinking where to find the best tacos in Waterloo, don't overlook Pancheros, with their offering of "two tacos on freshly made, soft flour tortillas, with your choice of marinated and grilled meats or Tofusada®, lettuce, cheese, and salsa."


5) Amigos Mexican Cuisine & Cantina

If you're looking for a fun environment to enjoy your tacos with, don't look further than Amigos Mexican Cuisine & Cantina! From their website, "enjoy an incredible food service from our crew that will strive to provide you with the cordiality and dedication only found in the most expensive touristic destinations in Mexico or the Caribean. Or just enjoy our music, ambience and decorations that will compliment a complete immersion in an authentic Mexican cuisine experience."


6) Rudy's Tacos

Try Rudy's Tacos, an Iowa mainstay, "Rudy’s Tacos was founded in 1973 by Rudy and Marilyn Quijas.  The tiny restaurant located at 2214 East 11th St. in the Village of East Davenport, seated 15-20 people. By 1977 the business had out grown the tiny building it was in." Rudy's now has 11 locations across Iowa and Illinois!


7) Los Reyes

Have you been lucky enough to try tacos from Los Reyes' food truck, or stopped into their restaurant yet? If you haven't these tacos are worth going out of your way to try, "family operated, 100% authentic Mexican food."


8) Carlos O'Kelly's

A casual environment and Mexican inspired food, Carlos O'Kelly's is a great place to try for a wide variety of tasty dishes. Try the taco salad, "a crisp tortilla bowl filled with fresh mixed greens, shredded cheese, and your choice of Pulled Chicken or Ground Beef. Topped with tomatoes, sour cream, chives, and Southwestern croutons."


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