The Serfs unveil single "Beat Me Down" ahead of upcoming album

The Serfs unveil single "Beat Me Down" ahead of upcoming album

CINCINNATI, OH - The Serfs, Cincinnati's rising dance-punk band, have just released their latest single, "Beat Me Down," as a precursor to their highly anticipated third album, "Half Eaten By Dogs." The album is set to launch next Friday, October 27th, via Trouble in Mind Records.

The new single, "Beat Me Down," is a captivating blend of synth and guitar that elevates the chanting vocals, creating an immediate and catchy track. Lyrics like "Sitting under ancient tree // only full moon light to see // hands are jagged frozen fear // seeing things in waves of tears // can't beat me down," encapsulate the propulsive post-punk energy that the band is known for. The single follows previously released tracks "Electric Like An Eel" and "Club Deuce," all of which share a dark, atmospheric cloud.

Alternative Press has hailed The Serfs as a "shining star in the underground scene," while Paste Magazine eagerly anticipates the band's third album, stating, "The Serfs are teeing up the perfect third album, and we can't wait to hear it." The band's unique sound weaves in and out of synth-laden minimal wave, proto-industrial, and dreamy, guitar-driven post-punk, earning them a spot near the center of Cincinnati's neu-underground scene.

The Serfs consist of Dylan McCartney on vocals, percussion, guitar, bass, and electronics; Dakota Carlyle on electronics, bass, guitar, and vocals; and Andie Luman on vocals and synths. Their music is a fusion of modernist influences like Total Control or Cold Beat, as well as post-industrial dance floor grime reminiscent of bands like Skinny Puppy, Dark Day, This Heat, and Factrix.

"Half Eaten By Dogs" promises to be a wide-eyed look into a heathenish vision, where ice-encrusted synth harmonies command oozing chemical rhythms and drilled-out elemental rock formations. The album is said to carry a psychedelic melancholy, both in its abstract lyrical sense and its more tangible musical elements.

To celebrate the album's release, The Serfs will be performing on Halloween with UK band Powerplant at Cincinnati's Design Collective. Following this, they will play at the Substance Festival in Los Angeles and join German punk band Pisse at Cleveland's Beachland Tavern.

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