The states producing the most renewable energy in the Midwest

The states producing the most renewable energy in the Midwest

The Midwest is increasingly becoming a powerhouse of renewable energy within the United States, with several states significantly contributing to the region's green energy portfolio. This surge in renewable energy is characterized by a diverse mix of wind, solar, and biofuel power. Leading the charge are states like Illinois, which tops the list with its considerable wind energy production, and Michigan, which follows with a strong wind power sector. As we move down the list, states like Iowa and Minnesota demonstrate the power of wind, while Nebraska's growth in renewables is noteworthy. Each state showcases a commitment to reducing carbon footprints and fostering a sustainable future, with renewables representing a substantial and growing share of their total energy production.

  1. Illinois: Producing 181.6 TWh from renewables, which constitutes 64.5% of its total energy generation, Illinois leads with wind energy being the most prominent source.
  2. Michigan: With 115.5 TWh from renewable sources, renewables make up 39.3% of Michigan's total energy generation, with wind power being the dominant type.
  3. Iowa: Generates 67.2 TWh of renewable energy, accounting for 57.3% of its electricity generation, primarily from wind energy.
  4. Wisconsin: Produces 64.3 TWh from renewables, making up 23.6% of the state's total energy generation, with wind energy being the most significant contributor.
  5. Minnesota: Contributing 59.2 TWh from renewables, which is 51.1% of its total electricity generation, Minnesota's renewable energy is mostly from wind.
  6. Kansas: With 56.6 TWh of renewable energy production, accounting for 60.8% of its total electricity generation, Kansas also relies heavily on wind energy.
  7. Nebraska: Producing 37.9 TWh from renewable sources, 46.8% of Nebraska's total electricity generation comes from renewables, with wind energy as the leading source.

The Midwest is forging a path toward a sustainable energy future, evidenced by the impressive strides in renewable energy production across its states. Iowa and Minnesota lead the pack with over half of their electricity generation coming from renewables, primarily wind. Illinois and Kansas follow closely, with significant contributions from wind and solar. Nebraska, Michigan, and Wisconsin also make the list, showcasing a diverse mix of renewable sources including wind, solar, hydropower, and biomass. This regional shift not only reflects a growing commitment to environmental stewardship but also highlights the Midwest's potential to influence national energy trends and support a cleaner, more resilient energy grid.

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