To plan EV infrastructure, Chicago begins public outreach

To plan EV infrastructure, Chicago begins public outreach

CHICAGO, IL - Chicago is setting the stage for an eco-friendly transformation with the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) spearheading public outreach to shape the future of electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure. This initiative supports the city's ambitious Climate Action Plan, which aims to slash transportation-related carbon emissions and promote environmental justice. CDOT's framework plan aspires to expand equitable access to EVs, along with enhancing services and charging solutions. A critical element of this plan includes soliciting community feedback through surveys and public meetings to understand residents' familiarity with EVs, their mobility requirements, and how these factors will influence the demand for EV charging in the coming decade.

The outreach kicked off with a gathering at Olive-Harvey College. It was an event that brought together city officials, industry experts, and residents to dialogue on the integration of EVs into the city's fabric. Mayor Brandon Johnson underscored EVs as key to achieving Chicago's green goals, emphasizing a community-centric approach to ensure the EV infrastructure benefits all neighborhoods. Echoing this sentiment, Chief Sustainability Officer Angela Tovar highlighted the necessity of equitable EV adoption, especially in areas grappling with poor air quality.

CDOT's Acting Commissioner, Tom Carney, shed light on the broader vision of enhancing green transportation avenues, including walking, biking, and public transit, alongside improving EV access. The proposed EV and E-Mobility Infrastructure Plan is envisioned as a guide for CDOT and other city departments to identify opportunities to boost accessibility to EVs, streamline the deployment of public charging infrastructure, and experiment with curbside charging solutions.

The community engagement doesn't end with meetings. CDOT also encourages residents to participate in an online survey available on the newly launched project website, The survey is a tool to gauge the public's EV knowledge and mobility needs, which will influence charging infrastructure planning over the next decade.

Chicago's push towards an electric future is not just about technology adoption; it's a comprehensive strategy aimed at reshaping the city's environmental landscape. The anticipated outcome is a greener, more sustainable Chicago where the benefits of clean transportation are available to every resident​​​​.

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