"Too Good to Go" app launches in Minneapolis, combating food waste

"Too Good to Go" app launches in Minneapolis, combating food waste

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - The "Too Good to Go" app has made its way to Minneapolis, offering an innovative solution to the issue of food waste. Originating in Copenhagen, Denmark, the app connects consumers with restaurants that have surplus food, benefiting both businesses and the environment.

How the App Works

The app allows consumers to purchase "surprise bags" of surplus food at discounted prices. For instance, Backstory Coffee Roasters in Minneapolis' North Loop has been selling bags containing four to six pastries. "It’s OK if we have a little extra because now people will be eating it," said Kinsey Johnson, the manager of Backstory.

National and Global Impact

The app has been operational in the U.S. since 2020 and has saved over 7 million meals across 20 cities. Globally, it has saved more than 250 million meals and is active in 17 countries. "It’s been amazing to see the demand for this solution across the country," said Allie Denburg, the U.S. head of strategy and planning for Too Good to Go.

The "Too Good to Go" app presents a win-win scenario for consumers and businesses alike, effectively addressing the problem of food waste while offering discounted meals. Its successful launch in Minneapolis is a testament to its growing impact both nationally and globally.

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