Try these 6 sandwiches in Downtown Cleveland, Ohio

Try these 6 sandwiches in Downtown Cleveland, Ohio

1) Barristers Deli

Opening in 1964, "our sandwiches are made with generous portions of premium deli meats and cheeses. Our half-pound burgers are made with fresh beef and hand pressed daily. Fresh-cut fries, homemade potato salad, cole slaw, and pasta salad are a staple. Chicken and beef comes in fresh and is hand trimmed."

2) The Original Dave's Cosmic Subs

"Established in 1997, Cosmic Dave’s™ has become a legend here in Northeast Ohio. A legend that is spreading at 'Cosmic' speed across the state and beyond. What started out as a humble sub shop in Chagrin Falls is now revolutionizing the sub world. Cosmic Dave’s™ is not your typical 'Establishment' sub shop. Stop by to experience Cosmic Dave’s™ for yourself!"


3) Cleveland Sandwich Co.

Try the Murray Hill, "chicken cutlet, thin sliced mortadella, aged provolone, roasted hot pepper, SD tomato spread, garlic aioli," or the Santa Maria Steak with, "marinated and grilled sirloin, crusty baguette, blu cheese butter, pickled red onion, arugula, herb chimichurri."

4) Al's Deli

"Our passion is to provide high quality food at a quick pace. We constantly work on improving our service and creating distinguished sandwiches and specialties.  Whether you’re grabbing something on the run, or just trying to get away from the office, we want to accommodate your needs. Our hope is to continue growing as a vibrant business contributing to the community in the city of Cleveland."


5) Charley's Cheesesteaks

Try Charley's Cheesesteaks for, “grilled-fresh-in-front-of-you” transparency. In 2021, Charleys Cheesesteaks is serving our favorite cheesesteaks, fries, and real-fruit lemonades at every Charleys. Select locations also serve classic and boneless wings, fried appetizers, and frozen sweet treats. No matter the name, we’ve stayed committed to quality over the past 30 years."

6) N'JOY

Try the Mujaddara Chicken Burrito Wrap, "lentil, rice, onion, mix cucumber and tomato, burrito chicken, and house dressing." The N'joy Crab Sandwich with, "crab, mixed green lettuce, pickles, tartar sauce, and cheese" is great, as well as the Pizza Crepe, "house-made pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, olives, green peppers, onions, corn, and grilled chicken."

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