WasteNot Compost in Chicago, a zero emission compost service

WasteNot Compost in Chicago, a zero emission compost service

WasteNot Compost is a pioneering compost collection service based in Chicago, aiming to make composting a hassle-free endeavor for its city residents. By promoting a sustainable way of managing organic waste, this service plays a significant role in the broader environmental agenda of reducing landfill waste and curbing greenhouse gas emissions. The venture operates with a vision of clean, convenient, and easy composting for homes, apartments, businesses, and events, standing as Chicagoland’s #1 compost collection service​.

The distinctiveness of WasteNot Compost lies in its commitment to zero emissions, being the first and only compost collection service of its kind in the country. It operates the largest electric vehicle fleet in Illinois, underscoring its innovative approach towards sustainable waste management. This all-electric compost service not only enables residents to compost without compromise but also sets a precedent in delivering a sustainable service sustainably​​.

The journey of WasteNot Compost began in 2015, founded by Chicago native, Liam Donnelly. The core operation involves a fleet of electric vans that collect food and other compostable waste, which is then recycled into soil-enriching compost. By diverting organic waste from landfills, WasteNot Compost's mission embodies a proactive step towards a greener Chicago, providing a practical solution for residents to contribute to this cause.

Engaging with WasteNot Compost is a straightforward process. Interested individuals or entities can sign up for the service on their website, after which a receptacle is provided for collecting compostable waste. On a scheduled service date, WasteNot personnel pick up the filled receptacle and replace it with a clean, sanitized one for continued use. Notably, members have the opportunity to receive finished compost biannually, extending the cycle of sustainability. Moreover, members gain access to the WasteNot Shop, where a variety of compostable, plastic-free, and sustainably sourced products are available for purchase, further promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Reflecting on WasteNot Compost's initiative, it's evident that such services are instrumental in nurturing an eco-conscious community. By offering a convenient avenue for composting, WasteNot Compost is not only diverting waste from landfills but also educating the masses on sustainable living practices. Through its innovative zero-emissions approach, WasteNot Compost is indeed a valuable asset to Chicago's environmental landscape, pushing the boundaries of what's achievable in urban sustainability.

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